4 Ways to Make your Christmas Healthier

For some reason, we all seem to have it in our heads that Christmas is a time of excess. A time when we undo the top button of our pants, roll up our sleeves and brace ourselves for the festival of indulgence that comes with the holidays… And the inevitable tidal wave of guilt that hits us when the new year rolls around. Yet, despite the fact that unhealthy habits seem so ubiquitous around this time of year, there are still lots of ways we can enjoy a healthy and wholesome holiday.

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If you’re aiming for a healthier, hardier and more guilt-free Christmas this year, here’s how you go about it…

Make sure you’re breathing healthy air

Good health starts with breathing! However, the air we breathe can be riddled with bacteria around this time of year. There are many nasty germs lurking in poorly serviced air conditioning units which can wreak havoc with your health if you are not careful. Find a specialist in air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance to ensure that your unit is properly installed, well maintained and free of nastiness which can spread illness throughout your home. A healthy body starts with breathing healthy air.

While we’re on the subject, investing in a real tree over a synthetic counterpart can also make the air in your home healthier.

Cook as much of your own stuff as possible

Christmas dinner is always a huge undertaking, and in our desire to make the ordeal a little easier on ourselves we can find ourselves turning to ready made alternatives rather than making our own stuffing, desserts, sauces and the like. The trouble is that these are often filled with hidden sugars and trans fats which can add a great many empty calories into an otherwise healthy Christmas dinner.

Opt for dark chocolate

Christmas without chocolate is like a day without sunshine. What household doesn’t enjoy passing sweet treats around as they relax in front of a Christmas blockbuster after dinner has been served? However, you can still enjoy an indulgent treat without being plagued by guilt… Just opt for dark chocolate over it’s milky cousin.

Milk chocolate tends to be much higher in sugars and fats than its sharper tasting relative, while lacking in any of the nutritional properties that make dark chocolate surprisingly healthy. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants to bolster your immune system over the holidays and is not only high in fiber, it contains essential minerals like magnesium, zinc, copper and iron.

Try a teetotal Christmas

We may regard seasonal drinking as part of the fun at Christmas, but alcohol has a way of adding a sour note to the festivities. Many find themselves experiencing uneven moods, discontent and even arguments over the holidays. And that’s without even getting into the shocking drink driving statistics. Try a teetotal Christmas this year. There are a great many tempting and tasty seasonal mocktails and non-alcoholic mulled wines to give you the taste of the season without the literal and metaphorical hangover.

Have a Happy and Healthy Christmas folks!

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