Your Job Never Stops: Taking Care of Your Kids When You are Sick or Injured

Life as a mom is tough. Our kids need us all of the time, especially when they are young. When we’re at home with them, our days pass by in a blur of cooking, cleaning, tidying, playing, helping with homework, kissing cut knees, reading stories, mopping up tears and calming tantrums. It never stops. If you are a working mom, your days off work are never really days off as you try to fit in as much family time as you can. A mom's job never ends, is never done, and rarely includes a break.

Most of the time, we manage. We have our routines, our ways to get through the day and our own particular ways to make our days easier and keep our kids happy and looked after. Then, we get sick, or we’re involved in an accident that leaves us looking for law services from the Chesterfield location as well as medical treatment. When this happens, it can feel as though your delicately balanced routine is crashing down.

Before kids, when we were ill or injured, we took time off. We stayed in bed, we went to the doctors, and we did everything that we could to recover before heading back to work. As a mom, you never get time off. If you are severely ill, your partner might be able to take some time off to help you out. But, that’s often not possible. You are stuck at home, battling your own ailments while trying to keep everything under control and the kids happy.

This time of year, there are plenty of bugs going around, and icy weather means that accidents and injuries are much more common. It’s probably safe to say that you are bound to spend at least a few days of the next couple of months feeling not quite your best. So here are some tips to help you cope with caring for your family while not 100% yourself.


Let Your Standards Slide

You probably spend most of your life trying to keep things up to a certain standard. You like your home to be tidy. Your kids eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. You might try your best to take them to nice places, to classes, and to playdates. You do your best.

Well, this isn’t the time for your best. This is a time for “good enough.” If the laundry or dishes don’t get done for a day, it’s not the end of the world. A messy floor won’t hurt anyone. Stay at home, relax, don’t worry about keeping up to your usual standards.

Relax the Rules


You probably also have rules that you expect your children to stick to. You might even have rules for the adults in the house. This is great. Rules are a brilliant way to set boundaries and keep everything running well. But, again, it’s ok to relax them when you need to.

Let the kids stay in their PJ’s all day. Let them watch more TV and spend more time on their computers and devices. It won’t hurt them for a few days, and you’ll get more chance to rest if they are occupied and you’re not worried about it.

Try to Get Out

Most parents find that a day at home with kids is actually much more stressful than going out. We think a day at home will be easy and relaxing but end up tidying, dealing with arguments and finding things to keep everyone entertained and happy.

If you are able, wrap everyone up and go out for a walk. Spend some time walking around a park or playing on the playground. You could try a scavenger hunt or go out taking some photographs. Getting some fresh air could help you to feel better, it will certainly improve your mood and help you to sleep. But, it will also burn some of your kid's energy off, meaning they are much more likely to nap or chill out in front of a film when you do get home. Giving you a chance for a rest.

Ask for Help

Many of us are terrible at admitting, even to ourselves that we need help, never mind asking for it. But, you can’t do it all. When you are ill or hurt, people will be all too keen to help, even if it’s only bringing you some shopping around or sitting with the kids for an hour while you have a nap. You just need to ask.

If there’s no one available to help, consider paying for a babysitter to give yourself a break.

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