How Can I Protect my Children from the Dangers of the Internet?

Beyond the mobile phone, the tablet and the computer, nowadays television, consoles and even some toys have access to the internet. Controlling how they access the network and the contents they can see is essential for your children to enjoy safe browsing. I explain to you how you can protect them

Currently, children spend much of their leisure time playing or entertaining through devices with an internet connection. This puts their security at risk, in the sense that their privacy may be compromised and, consequently, be victims of cybercriminals, or access content that is not appropriate for their age. 


In general, there are some basic measures that we can implement if we want to increase the security level of mobile phones, tablets, computers and consoles for our kids. Here are these:
  1. Change the default passwords, when appropriate, and configure some that you, the parents, know. 
  2. Review the conversations that children have maintained through email, chat rooms or other online messaging services, as well as social networks.
  3. Monitor the different user profiles of your children in the different devices and applications. Also those of the friends that relate to them.
  4. Review the information provided by the manufacturers in relation to these devices, or the conditions of use of applications and social networks.
  5. Establish parental controls and keep updating the software configured for this purpose in order to adopt the latest security measures and thus avoid any external attack.
  6. Activate means of payment to access certain content or services in which a password must be used that is not known by the minor.
  7. Speak openly with your children about the use of these devices connected to the Internet and warn them about the dangers of the network in a climate of total confidence.
  8. Our Recommendation
To implement above given points, parental control apps are handy solution. There are hundreds of apps in the app store that offer parental controls but the one most effective is FamilyTime. Using the app, parents can apply most of the above given commandments. With this app in hand, parents can not only establish rule and timetables but can also implement them digitally without any hassle. Not only this, FamilyTime app allows parents to monitor digital use of their kids while being able to snub what they find inappropriate for them with features such as app blocker, safe search, internet filters and much more.

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