How to Preserve The Environment and Natural Resources

Sustainable living encompasses livelihoods that focus on preserving natural resources, living healthy, and affordable lifestyles as well as conserving the Earth’s environment. It majorly entails planting of trees and other types of vegetation, using various means to conserve energy, eating healthy diets, proper disposal and recycling of wastes, saving money and so on. However, most of these approaches are not easy to maintain because of economic constraints, addictive habits and lack of treatment plants for waste waters, sewage, and other types of wastes. For these reasons, there is the need to create awareness on practical tips for sustainable living. Here are some of the top five eco-friendly ways to live a healthy and enjoyable life. 
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Save energy
It is advisable to use incandescent lighting as opposed to fluorescent and LED bulbs. This will help in saving electricity bills so the money can be put into other uses. Switch off the lights in every room when not in use. People should also open their blinds during the day to exploit natural light from the sun for adequate illumination of their homes instead of keeping the lights on throughout. 

Conserve water
Water is one of the most important resources on earth and its scarcity can lead to the death of plants, loss of livelihood and other tragic outcomes Therefore, households should engage in activities such as recycling water from various uses in the house for watering plants, cleaning farm equipment and so on.  This helps in spending less money when settling utility bills as well as using less for more. In addition, they can also purchase shower saving heads, shower timers or use basins and bathtubs for bathing. It is also advisable to fix leakages on pipes, treat water adequately to avoid wastage, turn off taps during the brushing of teeth or washing of hands. Other ways of conserving water around the home include eating of less meat and more steamed vegetables, showering less, using a dual flush converter which saves numerous gallons of water daily. People can also avoid clogging their pipes and treating their septic tanks to avoid seepage of sewage which commonly pollutes water sources. 

Switch to affordable and quality diets
As much as environmental conservation is significant, there is also the need for living healthy. The most important thing to do is investing in a kitchen garden where one can easily grow fruits, vegetables, food crops and more. The money used as input in farm activities is much less compared to what is spent when buying processed food products from stores. Apart from saving on expenditure, people also benefit from eating a variety of natural foods hence impacting on their general body health. Natural foods have proven to have medicinal value where some like ginger and garlic are antimicrobial and others even prevent cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and many more health complications. People have been advised to take fruit and vegetable juices because of these benefits. Vegetable juices can easily be made at home using devices such as slow masticating juicers. These juicers are efficient and juice leafy green vegetable quickly without causing sound pollution. With this, it is obligatory to drink vegetable juice because it has all the macro and micro nutrients required by the body but check out juicer that can be used to extract juice from veggies like slow masticating juicers as mentioned previously. This is crucial especially for purposes of maintaining sustainable livelihoods because the slow masticating juicers help in conserving the environment.

Exercise daily and use affordable means of transport
For short distance, people are advised to walk as a way of exercising and conserving fuel.  Others can use bicycles to save on space and time wasted on traffic jams. This helps in easing congestions in town centers and estates. Cycling helps in maintaining healthy body weight. People can also exercise through squats, jumping, running, jogging and more. People can also avoid using their cars all the time and jog to work to reduce environmental contamination by lead fuels and also as a way of flexing their muscles. It is also advantageous to use stairs instead of lifts. It saves on energy and also adds on exercise for flute and pelvic muscles. Use of public transport is another way of engaging the mind through conversations with other people and reading of written materials which is hard to do when driving private cars. 

Invest in sustainable disposable of wastes
People should avoid using plastic bags when going shopping. This can be achieved by making homemade cotton bags that can be recycled to avoid pollution of the environment. Homeowners can also use the stalks and leaves of their vegetables for making juices instead of trashing them away. This helps in maintaining minimum expenditure. It is also critical to avoid buying take away food from restaurants since most of them are usually packed in plastic containers. 

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