Time to Move? Here's How to Take the Stress Out

Who knew that moving could be so stressful? To begin with, it seems as if the only work you need to do is to put your stuff in boxes and send them off to your new home - but moving is, in fact, so much more than this. There are utility services to transfer, postal addresses that need to be registered, an entire house needs to be packed into boxes, and the rest of your family has to be on board as well.

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It is, undeniably, a bit tougher to move houses for parents as we have the responsibility of keeping the little ones happy as well. This is certainly easier said than done when tensions are running high and you’re witnessing your home being stripped of its life right before your eyes.

Here is a handful of excellent ways to make the big move a bit easier on your and your family. While you will still have more than enough to do, it just takes some of the stress out of packing and getting everything ready.

#1 Getting the kids on board

When you have children and would like to move to a new area, you’re in charge of getting them a bit excited about the future. All children and different and may react in completely different ways; if you have one kid who is seemingly alright with all of this and another one who simply can’t come to terms with it, you might need a different strategy.

Talk about the area you’re moving to, first of all, and make sure that your kid knows about all of the great stuff there. Maybe you’re moving closer to their grandparents, maybe there are a lot more kids around their age in the new area - or maybe there is just an awesome playground they can look forward to.

If your new home is within driving distance, you could consider taking them for a ride around the neighbourhood as well. Involve them in the process, keep them up to date, and let them know that it’s alright to be a bit sad about moving as well.

#2 Start packing early

If you truly dread moving, you might be putting this part off for as long as possible - but it’s really not the best thing to do. Try to get started a bit earlier rather than later and focus on packing down all of the stuff you don’t use regularly. All of those bottles and creams in the bathroom, for example, and the pots and pans you already have three of can go into a box straight away.

Move through the house like this and pack everything you won’t need immediately as soon as possible. Spare bedroom sheets, seasonal clothes you’re not currently using, etc - everything can be stored away for some extra peace of mind.

#3 Ask for help with the moving

No matter how big your family is, it’s going to take a lot of stress out of the moving if you have some professional moving packers there to help you out. This is particularly true if you have a lot of big or expensive furniture as the local students in your area who are looking to earn a bit more might not have the right experience for this. Plus, a professional moving team is going to help you out a bit faster too.

While moving houses is stressful, it’s still a necessary part of life. Get the worst bit over with sooner rather than later and you might have time to relax a bit as well.

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