10 Best St. Patrick's Day Books for Kids

We certainly celebrate St. Patrick's Day in our little corner of the world.  After having young, Irish Dance students in the house for nearly 10 years--we seem to celebrate St. Patrick's day for weeks and weeks from mid February to a few days past the actual St. Patrick's Day holiday!  While Irish music, food and dancing are lots of fun--as I parent, I have always introduced the history and excitement of St. Patrick's Day to the girls with books.  (Granted--I've been known to begin St. Patrick's Day excitement building around February 15--but, to each his own!)  So--after nearly 20 years with three girls--what are some of our family's favorite St. Patrick's Day children's books?  These are (currently) the 10 best St. Patrick's Day books for kids (in our opinion)!
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St. Patrick's Day
by Gail Gibbons

I LOVE Gail Gibbons' books.  If you are hoping to spark an interest in learning--you can always count on her books to offer some insights and inspirations.  My girls have always read her science themed books--but, this holiday one was written in the same, educational fashion with ideas and resources to continue learning about St. Patrick's Day with the kids!


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The Night Before St. Patrick's Day
by Natasha Wing

If you are like my family, you read The Night Before Christmas...every night for at least the month of December, right?  If you don't--you are missing a great nightly tradition with the kids!  Author Natasha Wing puts a slight Irish twist on the Christmas book for St. Patrick's Day--and it is a cute one for younger children.  Some of the rhyme is a bit forced--but, it's a nice book to add to your St. Patrick's Day routine.


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Leprechaun in Late Winter
by Mary Pope Osborn

The Magic Treehouse series is geared toward slightly older readers--but, Leprechaun in Winter is sure to entertain families ready to share a new adventure with their Magic Treehouse friends (and learn about St. Patrick's Day and magical leprechauns in the process!


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There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover
by Lucille Colandro


Okay.  The Old Lady Who Swallowed (whatever) series is silly. Always silly--but, that is what makes it a fun, St. Patrick's Day inspired book for little ones.  Fans of the series should expect the kids to enjoy the burps--and the end result of the old lady's swallowing.

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How to Catch a Leprechaun 
by Adam Wallace 


As a STEM mom, I love this book for developing STEM learners.  Many (many many many) elementary aged, STEM classrooms will be building Leprechaun traps as projects during the St. Patrick's Day holiday--and this book is a fun, kid-friendly introduction to the leprechaun catching adventure.   

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The Leprechaun's Gold
by Pamela Duncan Edwards and Henry Cole


This children's book builds on a classic Irish folktale.  Parents will love the storyline and the illustrations.  I like the fact the book serves as a bit of a reminder for families to explore more traditional, Irish legends as part of the holiday fun too.  

Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland
by Tomie dePaola

I have always been a fan of Tomie dePaola!  This book offers his expected illustrations along with many of the legends associated with St. Patrick and his life.  This book is another fun way to take a different look at more traditional Irish legends related to the holiday.

That's What Leprechaun's Do
by Eve Bunting

Part of the fun of leprechauns during the St. Patrick's Day holiday is the mischief making!  This book highlights some ornery activities that some little Leprechauns get into as they relocate a pot of gold.  Some of the words may be a little complicated for young readers--but, it makes a fun holiday story to read along.  

Pete the Cat: The Great Leprechaun Chase
by James Dean 
 Books from the Pete the Cat series have always been family favorites in our house.  For St. Patrick's Day, Pete is on a Leprechaun chase that entertains and teaches him some lessons about luck and friendship.  The Great Leprechaun Chase is a fun book to excite little ones for the St. Patrick's Day holiday!

The Berenstain Bears' St. Patrick's Day
by Mike Berenstain
I don't think I ever make a list of my favorite holiday books without a Berenstain Bears book on it!  This time, the bear family learns about St. Patrick's Day.  While this book doesn't give a usual life lesson like most Berenstain Bears books, it does teach a little about St. Patrick and the holiday in a fun way for young readers and listeners.  

What are some of your family's favorite children's books about St. Patrick's Day?

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