Traveling to Ohio? Here Are Some Great Tips!

If you're going to take a trip to Columbus or Dublin in Ohio, you'll have a great time because both destinations have appealing attractions. However, since Columbus and Dublin offer a lot for visitors to their great cities, the process of finding the best spots for travelers can be somewhat challenging. In order to fully enjoy a vacation in Ohio, you'll need a travel plan, and you can design one by considering the tips in this guide.


Travel Items

Columbus has many outdoor attractions that are worth checking out. In order to access most areas, you'll need to walk along streets and paths. The following items can provide benefits when you travel to attractions on foot: 
  • Comfortable shoes: As you take tours around the Columbus/Dublin area on foot, your feet may begin to hurt if you don't wear comfortable shoes. The best sneakers for touring in Ohio are walking shoes. These shoes are very beneficial because they're constructed out of a comfortable material that prevents calluses and blisters.
  • Jackets: After the sun sets in Ohio, the temperature usually drops. In order to stay on a cold night, you'll need to wear a lightweight jacket.
  • Swimwear: If you visit Dublin during the spring or summer, proper swimwear will make each trip to local water parks more enjoyable. You'll need apparel for swimming and options for fast-paced water activities.


Many of the best attractions in Dublin and Columbus involve water. The following destinations are worth visiting during the spring or summer:

  • Zoombezi Bay: Zoombezi Bay is a large water park that's built on 22.7 acres of land. When the sun is blazing on a hot day, you can beat the heat while spending time at this destination and enjoy water slides, tubes, and pools are scattered throughout the park.
  • Columbus Zoo and Aquarium: In Delaware County, you'll find the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. It's built in a strategic spot by the eastern banks, which are positioned near the Scioto River. The zoo is popular among tourists and visitors can enjoy dozens of exhibits including seeing giraffes, artic foxes and a blue neck ostrich. The big benefit is that scooters are available to guests. If you rent a motorized scooter, you'll move around the zoo faster.

Hotels in Dublin Ohio

Multiple hotels in the Columbus/Dublin area have options for people on a vacation and services that cater to business executives. The following hotels are ideal options for everyone in Dublin: 
  • Hyatt Place Columbus/Dublin: At this contemporary hotel, you'll find an outdoor swimming pool and a bar. In each suite, there is free Wi-Fi for guests, and a 24/7 fitness center is available to everyone on the grounds. Visit their website to learn more.
  • AC Hotel by Marriott Columbus Dublin: The AC Hotel also has a contemporary design. However, everything is confined in casual quarters. Families and business executives who stay at this hotel can unwind in suites that overlook a river.
  • Crowne Plaza Columbus Dublin Ohio: In the Crowne Plaza, each suite has modern d├ęcor. Other features are available on the property, such as a bar and an eatery. Guests who want to cool off by swimming can dive in the indoor pool.

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