5 Spring Home Improvement Projects you Shouldn’t Put Off

We always get so excited about warmer spring weather, a break from winter’s grey skies and the season's new flowers and greenery. In our little corner of the world, we are ready to get outside and tackle new garden projects and get the pool open for summer as soon as the weather gives us even a few snow-free days! While spring brings a lot of new hope and excitement for warm weather fun--it also brings a more realistic need for some home improvement projects. While we don’t always look forward to spending the time and money on spring home maintenance or home improvement projects, the sooner we mark them off our to-do lists, the better! What are five spring home improvement projects that you shouldn’t put off?

Clean and repair those gutters and downspouts. Gutters and downspouts have it rough in the fall and winter. Leaves and branches fall and clog them up--and sometimes even drop and bend, dent or damage gutters and downspouts. With spring comes spring rains and you need to make sure that your gutters are ready to carry all that rainwater away from your roof and home’s foundation! Clean and repair or replace gutters and downspouts early to make sure that they are functioning as they should.

Inspect the roof and Make Repairs. We lost a few shingles this winter, and we need to have our roof inspected and repaired a bit before we have several weeks of spring rain! Look for loose or missing shingles or any signs of water damage and have these repairs made by a reliable company like Westchase Roofing early before the weather makes repairs more difficult to schedule or complete. Remember that missing or loose shingles let water seep into deeper areas of the roofing, so make roofing repairs as soon as you can to avoid additional damage or even interior water leaks.

Schedule Tree Trimming. Depending on your tree varieties, early spring may be your last shot at trimming and pruning before winter. We have a number of fruit trees and try to prune the trees during the winter--but, sometimes Ohio weather gets too cold earlier than expected. If the trees and bushes need some maintenance, it is best to have them evaluated and get that trimming scheduled before the buds emerge to maintain their health.

Make A/C Repairs. After months of fall and winter temperatures, you probably know that your furnace is working well--but, what about that air conditioning unit? Spring is the time to schedule those A/C inspections, plan repairs or budget for a new unit before the warm weather moves in. A/C servicing companies will be less busy, and your unit should be up and running in time for that first heat wave.

Get the Windows Spring Ready. Whether you open the windows to let the smells and sounds of spring inside--or you close them tightly to seal out spring allergens--you know that your windows have important spring jobs to do! Take time early in the spring to repair torn screens or replace or seal drafty windows. Those windows that were letting cold drafts inside during the winter months will let that pricey a/c air outside during the summer.

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