Healthy Ways To Cope With A Breakup

Splitting up from a relationship is always an emotional time. Even the most amicable breakups can mean major upheaval and can easily lead to unhealthy coping strategies. That’s because it’s very easy to feel that the time that you invested in that other person has now been wasted, and no matter your feelings about your ex, that can lead to very negative actions and feelings. 

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However, there are healthy ways to cope. No matter whether you’re feeling relieved or anguished by your breakup, reacting and coping in healthy and proactive ways could mean that you recover from your finished relationship easier and faster than you ever believed possible.

Block Everything
We become best friends with our partners, and that means that you’ll have a long list of ways to get into contact with them. Get rid of that ability, and block your ex on your phone and your social media. That means everything. Don’t just block them on Facebook but keep them on Snapchat so that you can spy on their lives. You’ve split, and the quicker that you can distance yourself from that relationship, the easier it will be to get over the fact that it has ended.

It will always be tempting to find their Instagram account and see what’s happening with their life, but the more that you can distance yourself from the past, the easier it becomes to recover from it.

Get Support

Whether it’s your best friend or a mentor, surround yourself with positive influences. It can be very easy to spiral and start blaming yourself for any rifts in your relationship, and having those more positive influences around you can help alleviate your own feelings of negative self-worth. Remember, you are allowed to grieve for your ended relationship, and getting the chocolates, bottle of wine and tissues out is perfectly acceptable. If there are legal issues to tackle as well like divorce and accommodation worries, then make sure that you get the right divorce solicitors in Bath as quickly as possible. This can make your breakup much safer and easier for you.

Remember the Positives

No relationship is without its positives, and it’s important that you remember the good things and good times. Of course, if you've broken up, then the relationship wasn’t all romance and fun, but you should be very clear about what worked and what didn’t. You can even write down a list of what you liked about your relationship, and the negatives as well. Not only will this give you a more realistic picture of your overall relationship, but it will also help to highlight destructive patterns that you repeat when it comes to your relationships. This will then help you in the future when it comes to starting a new relationship. Being able to identify the red flags in your previous breakups means that you’ll be much less likely to repeat them.

It can take time to recover from a breakup. Remember to be patient and take the time to mourn the loss of your partner. No matter how you feel about them after the relationship is over, the healthier that you react, the easier it will be to draw a line under the past and prepare yourself for future happiness and a relationship that works.

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