Why Tree Pruning Is Important For a Beautiful Home

Selective removal of parts of a tree is called pruning. It may be done on branches, leaves, buds and roots. It is a standard procedure practiced in silviculture and horticulture.

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Pruning is performed to remove dead or diseased parts of the plant, transplanting, preparing it for nursery, shaping, and removal of parts that pose a danger or are damaged and to increase production.

Many folks assume trimming and pruning as the same thing, but they are not. Although both the procedures are done for the same purpose, trimming is done on hedges and shrubs while pruning is performed on shrubs and taller trees.

Types of pruning.

The two main types of pruning are heading back cut and thinning out cut.

Heading back cut.
When the ‘head' or the terminal growth of a branch is pruned or cut off from the sides, it is called heading back out. It is primarily done to –
  • Control the growth and size of the plant.
  • Make the shape of the plant more aesthetically appealing.
  • Improve the flowering as well as the fruit production of a tree.
  • To make the plant more dense in its appearance.
Thinning out cut.
It is a more extreme form of pruning which involves the removal of branches or shoots. It is usually done to encourage growth rate.

Under these two categories, other forms of pruning that may or may not be performed are:
  • Reduction –It is performed when the tree comes in the way or is close to buildings, utility lines or other structures. It does not affect the main structure of the tree as it is just the branches that are reduced in size.
  • Topping –It involves drastic reduction of the branches which sometimes reduces the tree to its trunk.
  • Raising – When the lower parts of the tree come in the way of buildings, other structures, sidewalks and the view of such a place as parks, the disturbing branches are removed. This is called raising and is another form of pruning.
  • Deadheading – It is another form of pruning where the buds or the flowers are selectively removed. It is done to encourage the remaining blooms to last longer.
When is pruning done?
  1. When parts of the plant die or are defective such as hanging too far out or also low. Light pruning can be done as and when required.
  2. If you want more flowers in bloom - the time when the flowers have faded is considered the best to prune it. However, it is worthwhile to mention that different species have different requirements, so it is encouraged to know your plants.
  3. If you want your plants to be bushier or dense in appearance. If this is your purpose, the best season is to do it in winter when the plants are inactive.
  4. If you like your plants a certain height or shape. This is mostly done for ornamental plants and is best pruned after they have been through rigorous growth in summer. It will slow their growth significantly and keep your plants at the height you like.
When to seek professional assistance.
Any casual gardener can perform light pruning. Whether the plant is a flowering one or a fruiting one, pruning the dead parts or the occasional stray can be easily performed if you have a saw and pruners.

However, when there are more than a few trees to be taken care of, or you don’t have the time to do it yourself or the tree is ornamental or mature, it is best to hire professional help, such as an arborist. They will know and offer the best possible solutions.

How to select the best pruning service.

Tree pruning companies are littered all over. But before you hire one of them, do a little homework and hire professionals from reputed and established company such as Tree Pruning Sydney.

You need someone who is experienced as well as licensed to work on the plants that add such beauty to your home and habitat. You also want a professional who is insured so as not to put yourself at risk. Regular pruning will keep your green friends in mint condition so they can continue to inspire, provide shade and produce for a long time.

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