Colorful Tales: Memoirs of Buz the Bear Book Review & Giveaway

This morning, we have a children's book to share with you! Check out our review of Colorful Tales:  The Memoirs of Buz the Bear--and enter for a chance to win a copy in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post!

About the Book
In Colorful Tales, lessons of love, acceptance, wonder, humility, joy, and courage are tenderly revealed through the adventures of life-loving Buz the Bear. No ordinary bear cub, Buz surprises and delights as he finds meaning in living everyday bear life. Through his stories, young readers find their own unique experiences given shape and purpose while celebrating their love of fun and adventure, the natural world, and the realness of the spirit.

My Review
The book offers life lessons, Scripture & opportunities for discussion.  Colorful Tales:  The Memoirs of Buz the Bear teaches life lessons in gentle, easy to read and easy to understand chapters.  Each chapter relates to Biblical references--and contains Scripture passages for further thought on each topic.  While the book is undoubtedly written in text that young readers could read alone--it is an excellent book for families to share and discuss chapter by chapter.

Expect simple text and simple illustrations--but, more profound messages.  Readers will experience the natural world of Buz the Bear through the book's simple illustrations--and the text will allow each chapter to tell a valuable story or lesson without fuss or preaching.  Children will love the easy to understand teachings--and parents will enjoy the straightforward introductions to some more in-depth topics of discussion too.

Would I recommend  Colorful Tales:  The Memoirs of Buz the Bear?  This book is a great children's book for families of faith seeking to share life lessons and real-world experiences with a Biblical basis.  I would recommend the book as a family story-time read as I do think most of the book opens doors for additional, more in-depth conversations on the topics depending on the child's age and development.

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