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A while ago, I share my review of Appointment with ISIL by Joe Giordano--and I was very excited to have the opportunity to review Giordano's latest book:  Drone Strike from his Anthony Provati thriller series.  What did I think of Drone Strike?  Check out my review, learn about the series and author--and enter for a chance to win a signed copy of the book in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post!

Book Title: Drone Strike: An Anthony Provati Thriller by Joe Giordano
Category: Adult Fiction, 290 pages
Genre: Thriller

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About Drone Strike

Karim’s family is killed by a U.S. drone strike in Iraq, collateral damage. The Islamic State in the Levant exploits his rage, recruiting him for a terrorist attack on the U.S., and only Anthony Provati can stop him. Drone Strike takes you on a fast-paced adventure across the Mediterranean, into Mexico, finally arriving in the States. Drone Strike explores the psychological realities that seduce Karim to commit an act of terror, includes a love story between Moslem Karim and Miriam, a Christian woman he defends in Turkey and highlights the plight of Middle Eastern and Central American refugees.

My Review of Drone Strike

Giordano Creates Another Fast Paced, Action Packed, International Thriller with Drone Strike.  I absolutely love the Giordano builds his thrillers and shares the characters' stories.  The author's research and attention to detail of the cultures and factions within the characters' worlds and homelands bring very realistic characters and plausible interactions.  With every section, as readers move between the various storylines and subplots--the settings and the character development grow and intertwine in a way that surrounds the reader with the novel from start to finish.  The pace of the book builds steadily and connects all of the various pieces and moving parts so well that while readers wonder how these pieces will fit together--they will find a completed puzzle falling into place.
Drone Strike is Complicated and Complex--but, Never Confusing.  Usually, a thriller has a good guy and a bad guy in some good vs. evil race to the finish.  This book takes readers on an adventure where they have to rethink and redefine the good guy/ bad guy relationship a bit.  The complexity of the characters and the plot create a well-crafted story that has many thought-provoking layers--but is so well crafted that readers may easily follow the entire story as it unfolds.

Would I recommend Drone Strike by Joe Giordano?  I enjoy thrillers, and I enjoy international/political/crime dramas.  I loved the author's Appointment with ISIL--and I think I liked this book even more.  Giordano has a way of taking current events and combining a host of characters and lives to create a very believable fictional work that pulls readers in and holds them to the last page.  If you enjoy realistic, international thrillers that transport you to other lands and cultures--you should read the Anthony Provati series.

To read more reviews, please follow Joe Giordano's page on Italy Book Tours.

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Meet the Author

As a former International Executive Vice President of 3M, Joe Giordano’s experience included running a business in the Middle East out of Athens, Greece. Born in New York, he’s had first-hand experience with the cultures and most of the locations in Drone Strike.

Joe's stories have appeared in more than one hundred magazines including The Saturday Evening Post and Shenandoah. His novels, Birds of Passage: An Italian Immigrant Coming of Age Story (2015) and Appointment with ISIL: An Anthony Provati Thriller (2017) were published by Harvard Square Editions. Read the first chapters and sign up for his blog at

Joe was among one hundred Italian-American authors honored by Barnes & Noble Chairman Len Riggio to march in the 2017 Manhattan, Columbus Day Parade.

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