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A quick test exists to detect the presence of drugs in saliva or urine. The tests are available in pharmacies. For a good understanding of all those interested in safely testing these tests, here are some snippets of the product leaflet:

• The product is not intended for medical or diagnostic purposes.

• Do not use after the expiration date.

• Keep the box with reactive bands in the closed package until use.

• All samples should be considered as potentially dangerous and should be handled with appropriate precautions for the use of potentially dangerous products.

• After use, the tape should be disposed of following local regulations.

More details about these tests can be found at Drug Testing Reviews.

Drug screening tests generally apply to urine, hair, blood, sweat or oral fluids (saliva) to determine the presence or absence of one or more psychotropic substances. The safest tests are saliva because it is made on the spot and does not offer the possibility of falsification of the result by the person that is being tested. In the case of blood or urine tests, their results can be influenced if the test person drinks 1-2 liters of water, thus reducing the concentration of the psychotropic substance below the detectable limit by the test.

Employers or state institutions generally use drug screening tests in areas where drug use poses a threat to public security (for example, in airlines or the army). Sometimes tests can give false positive results, which can lead to the dismissal or stigma of a non-consuming drug addict. False positive tests may occur when the person tested has consumed products containing poppy, hemp oil or other herbal foods similar to those from which some drugs are extracted. For this reason, positive tests are followed by a new confirmatory analysis either by applying a new rapid test or by specific laboratory tests. Statistics in the United States show that 5% of urine tests give false positive results.

According to an independent study on drug testing at work in the UK in 2004, forced labor testing by an employer is a potential violation of the right to privacy. This conclusion does not apply to sectors where drug use can affect personal safety. Compulsory testing for drug detection is not very clearly regulated in European legislation.

All about weed

Why is marijuana good and yet banned, even in Amsterdam, being tolerated but not lawful? Pot, a mixture of leaves, stem and dried and chopped seeds of the famous and controversial Cannabis sativa (hemp), has been used since ancient times as a medicine.

Researchers at Harvard University have found that the main component of Cannabis sativa (marijuana) is instrumental in stopping lung cancer. It's THC-delta-tetrahydrocannabinol - which reduces the growth of tumors by half in ordinary cancer cases and keeps the disease in place.

The compound "appears to have a suppressive effect on certain cancer cells," said Dr. Len Horovitz, a lung disease specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York. He added: "It would be ironic to tell someone who smokes cigarettes to add a little marijuana."

THC was injected into guinea pigs that had been implanted with human cells from people suffering from the disease. Tumors diminished by half in three weeks.

Lung cancer is the primary form of cancer that is most likely to affect most of the world. Tumors are very aggressive and do not respond well to chemotherapy. Specialists claim THC also helps fight prostate and skin cancer.

Also, marijuana has a positive effect on memory; some substances contained in this drug contributing to the development of gray matter in the brain.

A component of the drug smokers, marijuana, may help to stimulate the development of neurons, researchers at the State University of Ohio (USA) showing that a synthetic drug similar substance tetra-hydro-cannabinol (THC - content of herbal cannabis), has led to improved memory performance in guinea pigs.

THC, the most critical hallucinogenic substance contained in marijuana, appears to have anti-inflammatory action on the brain, also stimulating nerve cell growth. Earlier studies, team researchers led by psychologist Gary Wenk could demonstrate that the substance, with the complicated name WIN-55212-2, has positive effects on memory. Read here.

A 1972 report by Richard Nixon says "In short, marijuana is not generally viewed by the participants in the criminal justice community as a major contributing factor in the commission of delinquent or criminal acts."

Even the Drug-Free America Foundation had to change its mind about the propaganda according to which marijuana led to increased crime and showed that marijuana makes its consumers safe.

Why marijuana, which has existed since the beginning of the world, has been forbidden just in the twentieth century will always remain one of the biggest dilemmas for some people. Interestingly, after the Netherlands legalized marijuana, the number of marijuana smokers almost tripled from 15 to 44%.

From the same range and the question, we wonder why in some countries marijuana users are being put in prison, and in other, countries, it is tolerated?

On the other hand, in the context in which it was shown that the number of marijuana smokers in the Netherlands is less than half of those in America (which is illegal) - 2.5% of young people smoke marijuana every month in the Netherlands while it is 5% in the US - why not legalize it?

European militants for marijuana legalization are now waiting for an EU response to take a range of drug measures, including the right to hold a minimum of number of grams without the risk of prison.

Many people consume marijuana instead of other drugs because it allows them to feel that it eliminates the stress of everyday life without fear of overdose or death. Although it's hard to die from marijuana consumption, it can have many negative aspects on the body and health. Also, marijuana consumption affects the brain, especially the parts that control memory, concentration, coordination, judgment, and time perception. So, memory loss, the inability to focus on learning new things and paranoia can occur.

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