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This morning, we have a collection of fictional immigrant stories from author Tanushree Ghosh. What did I think of From An-Other Land by Tanushree Ghosh?  Read my thoughts on this short story collection, learn about the author & enter the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Title: From An-Other Land by Tanushree Ghosh
Category: Adult Fiction, 224 pages
Genre: Short Stories, Immigrant Stories, Literary

About the Book

Never has been the conversation on immigration more pertinent than now, post 2016 US elections. From cancellation of refugee protection and zero tolerance to undercurrent crackdown on H visas to the border wall - the resurgence of nationalism is hitting the globalized population head-on.

But what is immigration today? A question of life or death - fleeing of persecution? A compulsion? Or a mere pursuance of privilege? And what is the US today? A land of opportunities? Or a quagmire impossible to comprehend, inherently racist and selfish?

From An-Other Land dives deep into immigration today for the diaspora and its many facets with characters who seek to define themselves in an intercultural setting that is less and less sure of itself. A reality check and a guide for anyone who wants to understand the modern-day US.

My Review

The author shares a great deal in her short stories.  The author writes with an easy to read, conversational writing style that pulls readers easily into each of her stories.  While the stories are short, the author makes excellent use of every word to appeal to readers' senses and emotions.  She offers keen insights into the human side of immigration as her characters share motivations, struggles, challenges, losses and hopes with readers.  

From An-Other Land: Making Home in the Land of Dreams looks at Immigration from the Immigrant's view.  Many of us have become all too aware of the impact and ramifications of illegal immigrants in The United States.  We hear a great deal of the financial costs, public health and safety concerns and the nation's need for improved national security.  The author shares a different perspective for readers:  a human view.  We read very realistic stories from her fictional characters seeking to live the elusive American Dream.  Rather than seeing her many characters as numbers and statistics--Ghosh offers a different view.  Readers are introduced to a variety of real-world plights and obstacles.  The author doesn't tie up each chapter with happy endings--she ends each chapter with a bit of uncertainty and a glimmer of hope (or doubt) that the chapter's character(s) find what they are looking for in their efforts.

Would I recommend From Another Land: Making Home in the Land of Dreams by Tanushree Ghosh?  These stories read like biographies of real-life immigrants as the author builds on her own experiences and insights to light immigration stories from a different angle.  The author brings each character to life and highlights the struggles faced in their paths through immigration that most readers will never experience in any other way.  I think anyone interested in our changing world and our modern, global perspective should read this book for an insightful look at immigration to the United States from India. 

To read more reviews, please follow Tanushree Ghosh's page on iRead Book Tours.

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Meet the Author:

Tanushree Ghosh works in Tech and has a Doctorate in Chemistry from the Cornell University. She is also a social activist and writer. Her blog posts, op-eds, poems, and stories are an effort to provoke thoughts, especially towards issues concerning women and social justice.

She is a contributor (past and present) to several popular e-zines (incl. The Huffington Post US, The Logical Indian, Youth Ki Awaaz, Tribune India, Women’s Web, and Cafe Dissensus). Her literary resume includes poems and stories featured in national and international magazines (Words Pauses and Noises, UK; TUCK, Glimmer Train Honorable mention) as well as inclusion in seven anthologies such as Defiant Dreams (Oprah 2016 reading list placeholder) and The Best Asian Short Stories 2017 (published out of Singapore by Kitaab). Her first single-author book, From An-Other Land, is on immigration.

She has held different leadership roles in non-profits (ASHA and AID India) and is the founder and director of Her Rights (, a 501(3) c non-profit committed to furthering the cause of gender equality. She is often an invited speaker or panelist for both corporate and non-profit endeavors.

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