Here Comes the Sun: Outdoor Summer Maintenance Tasks for the Family

Putting aside as little as 2% of your home cost on yearly maintenance can help your home age more graciously, reports Forbes magazine. Ideally 5% would be a target to hit in budgeting toward a home maintenance fund, but whatever you can put back, the better, real estate experts at Forbes say. With kids at home in the summer, many parents don’t even know what home maintenance task to tackle first--or how to go about getting the kids involved. Whether you hire a professional or the DIY route, here’s some must-do summer home and garden maintenance tasks perfect to keep you and your kids busy this summer.

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Clear Out the Winter Buildup
An important home-maintenance tasks is gutter cleaning. Unfortunately, many of us lack the proactive approach in cleaning gutters and have to deal with the consequences of damage. Waiting to clean out gutters, avoiding the laborious task, can result in budgeting for the cost of a whole new gutter which can average nationally between $1000-$2400; save your back, your budget, and your time by opting to hire a professional. This is one task that isn’t worth the do-it-yourself attitude.
Another home exterior task needing your attention is your porches and sidewalks. Power-washing your porch, sidewalks, and entertainment areas not only gets rid of the dewy grime from winter but gives a whole new, clean appearance. You can rent a power-washing house from your local home improvement store and tackle this project on a sunny summer afternoon.

Give Your Garden a Facelift
Time to get down and dirty this summer giving your garden a much needed facelift. Take the time with your kids, teaching them how to weed flower beds and the importance of maintaining a healthy-looking garden. Although not the most glamorous of summer maintenance tasks, weeding a garden is the first step in a bountiful garden. Weeds are simplest to pull when they’re young and small - the more unruly they grow the more harm they cause. In addition, save yourself time from future weeds spreading by picking them when they’re small.

Next, make the soil richer by mixing in compost. Compost adds much needed and natural nutrients to your garden. Although a smelly task to complete, it’s an essential garden maintenance task. Finally, polish the look of your garden by adding mulch. By adding mulch you are keeping plants and their roots happy and protected, says Better Home and Gardens.

As summer approaches, it’s important to start planning out your weekends now on what maintenance tasks to tackle first. Get your whole family involved with these easy to complete tasks to give your a home a whole new summer glow.

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