4 Reasons Why Your Mom Is Awesome (and You Should Call Her Today To Tell Her)

We’ve still a while to go yet until Mother’s Day (which arrives on Sunday May 12th in the US this year). However, while you may already be planning something special to show your Mom how much you love her, it’s something of an injustice that Moms only get to be celebrated once a year. After all, readers who have kids of their own know that while we take every step along the path of motherhood with smiles on their faces, it’s often a life of compromise, sacrifice and hard work. Often, it takes having kids to realize the extent to which our own Moms worried about us endlessly and how their every waking thought was devoted to keeping us safe.

Just over half of everything you are is thanks to her!

As the song “A biologist’s Mother’s Day song” states, while many of us believe that our genetic makeup is roughly half of one parent and half of another, it’s not as even a split as you may think in terms of nature and nurture.
“You gave me one X chromosome, Dad gave me one Y...
X has over a thousand genes, Y has less that 92.
That's why slightly more than half of everything I am is thanks to you.”

That’s not a knock on Dads. Dads are awesome too… But they don’t nurture us until we’re ready for birth and their bodies don’t sacrifice their own nutrients to keep us healthy. So, if you like who you are (and you should because you’re great!) you primarily have her to thank.

Seriously, though, give the song a listen. It’s very clever and sweet.

You base your parenting style around your Mom’s “greatest hits”

Your Mom wasn’t perfect. No Mom is. And just like she did before you with her mother, you’ve taken the best of what she gave you and added your own twist, ideas and personal flair. From making nutritious salads with leftovers to watching old movies with your kids and telling them the stories you learned at her knee your parenting style is a veritable “greatest hits” collection of your happy memories with your Mom.

She taught you the value in respecting your elders

When you’re young you think you know everything, yet your Mom never took pleasure in pointing out how spectacularly wrong you were. She helped you grow in knowledge and character and taught you the value in respecting your elders and the lessons they can impart. As anyone who works in senior care will tell you, in an age where we all seem obsessed with recapturing our youth… We should never forget the importance and value of looking to our elders.

You grew up, but she never stopped being your Mom

Finally, even though you’re all grown up and living the heck out of your life, she’s never stopped being there for you. She’s never been more than a phone call away when you need help or guidance or just an opportunity to vent about how crap men / bosses / colleagues/ drivers can be sometimes.

Your Mom is awesome. Don’t wait until Mother’s Day to tell her that. Give her a call today!

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