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I read a lot of middle grade fiction because I have had middle grade readers at home for many years now! While my girls are older now--I still enjoy reading middle grade and young adult novels.  Today, I am excited to share my review of Free Pizza by G.C. McRae!  What did I think of Free Pizza?

Book Title: Free Pizza by G.C. McRae
Category: Middle-Grade Fiction, 360 pages
Genre: Humorous Fiction

I received a copy of this book from the author or publisher for use in a blog review.  
All opinions are my own.

About the Book

Brian McSpadden is always hungry. Does he have a disease? Worms? Does it have something to do with his being adopted? He spends his days at his crazy friend Danny’s house, hoping for snacks, but nothing seems to fill the void.

​Then Brian receives a mysterious birthday card that says, Free Pizza. He soon discovers the card has nothing to do with food and everything to do with the big questions in his life: where did I come from, why did my mother give me up and is there anyone out there who will like me the way I am?

My Review

Free Pizza is a Humorous--Yet Real--Look at the Family and Life of a 12-Year-old.  The author really did a great job telling this story from the viewpoint of a 12-year-old boy.  There were a few times that some adult wisdom crept in--but, mostly the story captured the personality and antics of its characters perfectly.  I enjoyed reading Brian's thoughts--and following his adventures and misadventures from beginning to end.  At first, I thought the introduction of the main character's birth mother was downplayed too much--but, in reality, the character handled it all in a typical 12-year old stride.  (I met my birth father when I was 13--and a couple of years of my life were spent adapting to what adults saw as a significant upheaval--but, I remember as only "the way things were." I remember navigating those problematic family times and those ups and downs right along with the usual, not-so-normal, daily ups and downs of my pre-teen/teen world.)  I related well to Brian and enjoyed watching his story unfold.   

McRae Keeps Readers Interested From Start to Finish.  
I settled into the story immediately.  I loved the author's writing style and the pace of his story.  He kept my interest in his larger plots and twists all while keeping me smiling and entertained by Brian's day to day activities.   The author blended a little mystery, reality, humor and teen life to create a well-done story that flowed well from beginning to end.  Free Pizza is an easy read that readers won't want to put down.

Would I recommend Free Pizza? 
I think this is an excellent read for older elementary aged students or middle school readers.  There is some profanity--but, nothing more than the kids hear on the bus or in school hallways in a given day.  All in all, it is an entertaining read that kids and adults will find relatable and easy to read.  I would recommend it for both middle grades readers and parents--or for adults who like a clean story with a well-developed storyline and fun characters.

To read more reviews, please visit G.C. McRae's page on iRead Book Tours.

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Meet the Author

​G.C. McRae is the bestselling author of two young adult novels, three illustrated children's books and a collection of original fairy tales. His writing is fall-down funny, even when the theme is darker than a coal miner's cough. McRae reads to anybody at any time, in person or online, for free, which probably explains why he meets so many people and sells so many books.

In his latest work, Free Pizza, McRae spins the highly emotional themes from his decidedly unfunny childhood into a brilliantly comic yarn. After being given up for adoption by his teenage mom back when single girls were forced to hide unplanned pregnancies, his adoptive parents didn’t exactly keep him under the stairs but, well, let's just say, there were spiders.

A lot has changed since then. McRae’s own children have now grown and he runs a small farm with his wife, who is herself an award-winning writer.

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