5 New Careers For Fathers to Consider To Bring in Income

Having to work while raising children is one of the most difficult balancing acts in your entire life. And if your current job just isn’t affording you the flexibility or stability that you need, then it may be time to make a change.

Consider the following occupations if you need something with significant earning potential and benefits.
1. Contractor

Becoming a contractor affords you the chance to work with your hands while making your own schedule. If your previous job was boring and tedious, then you may enjoy something more physical.

In this line of work, you will be able to choose which projects you take on, which will make sure you’re able to attend your kid’s games, and even the school play.

Getting started is not difficult, but it does require a license. Visit this website to learn about the license in Arkansas, California, Florida, or any state you live in.

2. Software or Web Developer

This job is a viable option because it can be done full-time, part-time, or freelance. Some companies may even allow you to work from home. Freelance work in this field is especially flexible because it allows you to create your own schedule.

This occupation does not usually require any schooling, but there are certificate programs and classes that could be beneficial. If you love technology and working on new and exciting projects, then becoming a software developer may be perfect for you.

3. Teacher

Teaching is an extremely rewarding profession that fathers continually enjoy. Being a teacher allows you to have the summers off to spend with your children. It also allows you to have similar schedules to your kids so that your family does not have to worry about after-school care.

Through teaching, you also can interact with children on a daily basis, which may help you to connect with your own more easily. While teaching is not a remarkably lucrative career, it is satisfying and vital to the future of society. Getting started usually only requires a bachelor’s degree with or without a teaching certificate.

4. Physician’s Assistant

This occupation works well for those who want to help people in the medical field but don’t have the time or money to dedicate to extensive schooling. PA’s generally assist with examinations, surgeries, and other hospital tasks under the supervision of a physician. Hospital work schedules often allow for three to four days off a week that you can spend with your kids.

To become a PA, you must get a master’s degree and become licensed. While this may seem challenging, it is minimal compared to becoming an MD or DO and still pays quite well.

5. Speech-Language Pathologist

These professionals work to diagnose and treat speech and communication disorders. There are many different opportunities in speech pathology from working in a school to patients’ homes. You are bound to find some way to work in this fulfilling field that fits your family’s schedule.

If you end up working in a school, then you will have all the same vacation time as your children. Like PA’s, speech pathologists also need to complete a master’s program and a certification.

As a father, it is obvious that your children are paramount in your life. Therefore, you’ll want a profession that gives you opportunity to be there for all their milestones. Each of these jobs offers flexibility with stable benefits.

Hopefully, the careers on this list have inspired you to consider possibilities that had not previously crossed your mind. Good luck with your job search!

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