4 Top Tips On Becoming A Mac User

It's the age-old question. Do you use Windows or Mac? Whichever side of the technical divide you fall on, you've probably been on that side forever. Apple products polarize users, you are with them, or against them. You might be an iPhone user or favour Android. People rarely switch between the two.
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Many creatives have long favoured Apple's. They are great for handling video and photo editing software, offering crystal clear vision, and excellent processing power. The security benefits of a Mac are quite substantial, with a reputation for being difficult to hack; you'll find that Mac wards off attacks from virus' well.

However, with lots of great reasons to change to a Mac, and it can take some getting used to. There are quite a few things that you can do to help get into the swing of it.

Get Stuck In There
There is no better way to learn than by playing. Have a good explore. Open apps and look through menus. When it comes to learning your way around somewhere, sometimes it's good to get a bit lost on the way. Don't be afraid to do that.

Watch Some Online Tutorials
Some great videos on Youtube will explain all of the features of the Mac. You might want to see a comparison of Windows functions compared to the equivalent on the Mac. Or find out how to customize the Finder app, so that you get the best experience for you when it comes to looking through your files.

You can find out about all of the touchpad gestures that will make your life so much easier, and about all of the keyboard shortcuts that will help you navigate effortlessly.

Or, how about getting to grips with using multiple desktops. This can let you spread your work out. You can view these all from one screen, or set up several screens.

The list of features that you'll find on OS X is massive, and you'll probably find that you'll be learning for a long time.

Take A Course

There are online courses, or there may be classes locally to you. Either way, getting some expert help in finding your way around is no bad thing.

You can learn everything from how to find and open your documents, right through to how to design a website. For every need, there is a course somewhere. Pretty soon, you will be a whiz when it comes to all of your everyday technical issues, such as how to deal with the sound not working on Mac.

Install The Software You Know And Love

If you really can't get to grips with it or don't like Apple's software, you can still use many of your favourite Windows titles. You can even get Microsoft Office on your Mac, meaning that you have access to Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint.

If the way the operating system is laid out doesn't appeal to you either, you can even run Windows alongside the Apple OS.

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