Making the Most of Your Kitchen Storage Space

Picture this. You’ve already moved into your new home, unpacked your items, and even made the rounds across your neighborhood, checking your list of the nearest gas stations, groceries, and schools. But what you might not have prepared for is the sudden shortage of storage in your new home. You might have relocated to a house that’s bigger than your previous one and jettisoned some of the useless clutter, but why couldn’t your new things just fit?

Louisiana long-distance movers are aware of the phenomenon, but it can be chalked to simply because you haven't had the time to maximize the tiniest corners of your new home. Nowhere is this storage and placement more critical than the kitchen, where most of the action—as far as homemaking goes, anyway—happens. It simply won’t do to have a kitchen that’s overstuffed that you barely have room to do whatever you need, let alone move.

In terms of laying out your items in the kitchen, you want to make sure that you have enough room to keep all your essentials in, but you don’t want to end up with a cramped space. Here are some storage ideas you can try if you’re short on cabinets.

Behind Doors

Every door in your home has a space behind it that’s waiting to be used. You can cover it with a functional shelving system to organize your kitchen supplies and spices. Alternatively, you can install hooks on them and hang your large pots and pans to clear up closet space.

You’re not just limited to the doors of your house—the back of your cabinet door is a great storage place, too! You can fashion a storage space for your measuring cups and spoon as well as a chalkboard guide with measuring equivalents for easy access and use.


While the backsplash is usually considered an aesthetic element, it can also be practical by doubling as an unexpected storage element. Show off your kitchenware by displaying them on your backsplash. This not only makes them more accessible, but they can also serve as decoration.


Large cookware and bakeware can take up too much space in your kitchen. Keep them off the shelves and in a handy space by hooking them on the ends of your kitchen counters or island. This style creates a rustic appeal that would complement the look of traditional kitchens. You can also hang bags in these hooks and store your cookbooks and magazines inside.


Your walls are another unused space that’s just waiting for the right type of ingenuity. You can turn it into a pegboard, where you can hang pots, pans, cooking utensils, or anything that can strike your fancy. You can indeed use the wall to hang another shelf, but why bother with a limited imagination? A pegboard can be the answer to flexible storage, as you can hang and store items on it as you see fit and your needs change.

A few tricks can make your new home feel more like home, and maximizing each corner is an excellent way to start. Plus, it won’t feel like home until it feels like every nook and cranny has a story, right?

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