Moving Forward: 3 Moving-Out Reminders When Moving On After a Breakup

It's tough to move on from a break-up. But it's even tougher when it means moving out from a home you shared for years. Aside from the dreadful logistics, you're carrying these terrible emotions as you pack and load up stuff. How do you make this a less nerve-racking experience? Here's what you need to do:
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Sort out the situation first.

Before you sort out our stuff, try to weigh the situation first. Remember, every split is unique. Some end their relationships amicably. Others, with yelling, cursing and a lot of finger-pointing. You have to plan your move according to the situation you have. If your ex will cause trouble on moving day, scrutinizing every bit of belonging you're putting in boxes, then it's better to remove stuff discreetly. A few boxes at a time, maybe. Perhaps when your ex is off to work. If, on the other hand, you ended things in a decent way, and that it was a mutual decision, then take the conversation to who gets what in your shared stuff. That way, you can maintain the respect you have for one another. Do the talk when some of the feelings already subsided. You don't want to be high on emotions when talking about the division of belongings that could have financial implications. Maybe spend a night or two at a friend's place first to process what you're feeling.

Ask friends and professionals to help you out.

Don't bear the burden of moving tasks alone. On a typical, less emotionally-charged move, you already need help - all the more that you need it in this kind of transition. You will be going through a lot of stuff, things that would remind you of fond memories with your ex and would make you think about a future life together, if things didn't happen the way they did. Mind you, this happens even in the most bitter relationships, the ones you would want to be free from. Without social support, it would be really hard to pack up your stuff, get them out of the closet even. So ask some friends to assist you. Create a sorting-packing game plan, say, you put all your belongings on one corner (you don't want your pals unintentionally collecting some of your ex's belongings) and your friend puts them in boxes. Of course, it's also helpful to work with professional movers. Melbourne-based specialists can make the entire process swift and your stuff safe and secure, just what you need when dealing with a broken heart.

Make your new home, home.

It's natural to feel sorry, or at the very least, weird, when you move into your new home. For a long time, you were with somebody, so this will definitely be a big change. Mourn, if necessary. But also, learn to pick yourself up and embrace this new chapter in your life. Start unpacking. Start decorating your home to make it cozier and more familiar. But try your best not to put up things that would remind you of your past relationship, like photos, his favourite piece of art, or that guitar he gave you on your second anniversary. That will only be a step backwards in your moving-on plan. Rather, go for other familiar stuff, like photos of your family or souvenir gifts from your friends who went to this or that part of the world. Make your new home, home.

Moving out and moving on

It's never easy to break up with someone. But it's far more difficult to break away from the home you shared. But it's possible. It's overcomeable. Take this move out as your first step towards moving on.

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