4 Ways To Make Your Upcoming Move Fun For The Entire Family

Moving is a stressful errand. Depending on where you’re going to move and how many valuables you’re going to bring, moving will require you to adjust your schedule. And when you’re moving with your entire family, this task can become more challenging and time-consuming. The more people moving with you, the more tasks there are to accomplish.

Aside from scouting for several piano movers and carefully choosing which moving company to hire, you should also strive to make your upcoming move fun for the entire family. When tasks are translated into a fun and enjoyable activities, your entire family will be engaged to help, and the move won’t seem as stressful.

Here’s how you can make your upcoming move fun for the entire family:

1. Allow the kids to pack

If your kids are already old enough to decide what items should they pack, let them. You can supply them with moving boxes and provide instructions on what they should do. Packing their valuables in their bedrooms is a great start for this task.

Letting your kids pack will not only keep them busy and engaged with the move, but it can also help you with the tasks needed for the move. And since they were the ones who packed their valuables, it’ll also be easy for them to unpack once you arrive in your new home.

2. Draw a colorful map

One of the main reasons why kids are having a hard time adjusting to a new place is because they don’t have any idea what to expect. They’ll be worried if they can gain any friends or if the new house is something like their old home.

Keep your children’s stress and anxiety at bay by drawing a colorful map of your new location. Aside from illustrating how your new home looks like, use bold colors to highlight any nearby areas that you think your children will love. Playgrounds, beaches, and activity areas can be good examples.

If you still have the time, let them help when drawing the map. Describe landmarks and attractions accessible to the new area so they’ll know what to look forward to. You’ll be surprised how this activity will keep your children interested in your new home!

3. Take as many pictures as you can

It’s common for most households to think that a move is a stressful task. With the number of tasks a move requires, there’s really no question why.

If you don’t want your own family to have the same notion, take as many pictures as you can. Are your kids starting to pack their toys? Are they helping each other to label their moving boxes? Grab your smartphone or camera and take pictures.

Any activity – no matter how small or big – can be captured using a camera, so make sure that you do it. Once you’re done with the move, have all of these pictures printed and place them in one album. The experience of your family members when moving can be a good story to tell during family gatherings.

4. Make the first night special

After transporting all of your moving boxes and arriving in your new home, you now have to make your house feel like home. It’ll be challenging for the entire family to relax in the new house if none actually feels comfortable staying in it.

As a first step in achieving this goal, make the first night in your new home special. You can do this by ordering food or any of your family’s favorite food. Ditch eating in the dining area and opt to share meals in the living area instead!

Always Think Positive

Aside from following all of the tips from this article, always maintain a positive mindset when moving. Being optimistic throughout the entire move can ensure that you and your family members can address any emergencies.

With the right mindset, your upcoming move will be treated as an opportunity to bond with the entire family, not something that will create stress.

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