How to Look After Someone Who's Sick

When you get sick, you long for the day that you were fit and healthy. No matter what that sickness may be, whether it’s a common cold, recovering from surgery, or a terminal illness, there are plenty of things that you can do for someone when caring for them. Here are a few tips on looking after someone whose sick.

Make Sure They Are Resting
When they’re at home, they should be resting, but the likelihood of them doing that is going to be challenged as there are lots of things that they can probably do around the home. To avoid this temptation, it’s good to have someone around them to say no and to point them back in the direction of their bed or sofa. Try to make sure that they are getting plenty of rest and sleep throughout the day. Keep them moving when they’ve been lying down for a prolonged amount of time. This makes sure that the body is actively pumping blood around and that it gives that person the chance to stretch their legs and to maybe sit outside in their garden or outdoor space for a bit. The main thing is though, to be sure that they’re getting plenty of rest in the form of sleep or just sitting and doing nothing. When the body is sick, the last thing you want is to push it any further.

Give Them Plenty Of Fluids
There are reasons as to why someone gets sick and whether that’s come to a point where mesothelioma attorneys get involved, or it’s due to a bug going around, their fluid levels should always remain nice and high no matter what it is they have. Your body is mainly made up of water, and if you’re not drinking enough, then the body cannot continue working at it’s best because energy levels will be zapped, and without water, it’s going to suffer more. Water is also great at flushing out all the bad stuff in your body, so the more you can get rid of, the better it’ll be for the person who is sick. Ensure that they’re getting plenty of fluids throughout the day. That could be just water, or it could be in the form of soups and hot beverages. All of it is going to help in keeping the body in the right state of play to fight this sickness.

Avoid Getting Too Close If It’s Contagious
There’s nothing more worrying than having something contagious because you won’t want to catch whatever they have. However, they still need help and to avoid you getting ill, it’s a good idea to avoid getting too close if it’s contagious. You might feel tempted if it’s a loved one like your child or partner, but remember, some illnesses can be passed on merely by touching or coughing onto someone. The common cold or flu is a particular example in which it spreads quite quickly through the bacteria and germs that are often left behind. It is best that you spend the least amount of time with the sick person as possible and just to be a welcomed support from a distance instead of being up close and personal. 

Keep Any Room They’re In Well Ventilated
Ventilation is important when someone is sick because you have a lot of that bacteria floating around and potentially causing others to fall sick if they’re in the same room. Try to keep that person contained if it’s a sickness that can spread quite easily. By keeping them in their own bedroom, you contain the virus. Try to keep it well ventilated by leaving the windows open for the majority of the day, if possible. You’ll certainly notice the difference if the room is ventilated than one that isn’t, you can sometimes smell the sickness in the room.

Look After Your Own Health And Hygiene
And finally, the last thing you want is to get sick yourself, so it’s important that you’re looking after your own health. Continue washing your hands and especially when you are in the presence of a sick person, and when you’re looking after them. Try not to wear yourself out because this is when your body is most vulnerable and more likely to fall victim to the sickness.

Caring for someone who is sick is something that the person will certainly value and appreciate. Keep them well-rested, the room ventilated, and that they’re drinking plenty of fluids during their recovery.

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