How To Pick The Right Clothes Hanger For Your Clothes

Do you really need to know what type of hanger to use? It seems like they are all the same, after all.  The thing is, each piece of clothing you put in your closet should have the right type of hanger. I know it’s one more thing to think about in your busy life. But, being organized actually makes your life easier and not more complicated.

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Not all hangers are the same, so if you have spent any amount of time organizing your closets, then it pays to know which hanger to use and when.

In this article, I will go over the different types of clothes hangers and which one works best for their specific type of clothing.

Wooden hangers

These types of hangers come in a variety of sizes and can be used with a number of different clothing. Thin wooden clothes hangers are available for saving space for use with any type of shirt or sweater.

Like other types, you can have ones with a bar so you can hang folded pants together with a matching shirt. There are baby wooden hangers for those little outfits and some have padding so they can be used with silky or satin shirts.

An added benefit is that they are strong. If you have a heavy sweater that would easily bend a wire hanger, then this is your best choice.

Nonslip hangers

Anything that is smooth or silky will often slide right off of the hangers. Then they get wrinkled while sitting on the floor of the closet. That’s when you need padded or nonslip hangers.

They either have a bit of padding on the top of the hanger or are made entirely of a slip-resistant material that helps clothes cling to the hanger.

If you are tired of those bumps on the shoulders of sweaters then using a nonslip hanger will also solve that problem.

Luckily, they are made very thin so they can fit together tightly in the closet. You don’t need to have a lot of space to use them. They can even be modified to use with pants or dresses.

Metal hangers

You could also call these wire clothes hangers, but they aren’t all the same. Wire hangers are very thin and have a reputation for bending and warping when using them with heavy clothes like coats or sweaters.

These days there are plenty made from metal that are light years away from those weak and bendy wire ones.

Choose a swing bar version when you need to cascade a few different items of clothing. This saves space and keeps your clothes organized so you don’t have to search through your closet.

Traditional metal hangers are ideal for t-shirts, casual shirts and round neck shirts. With a sturdy metal hanger, you can also have the kind with bars to drape a pair of slacks with a shirt. Or add a scarf.

Plastic hangers

These are the cheapest of the bunch. If you have a lot of closet space and clothes to fit in them then these are an economical way to do that.

Dresses, men’s dress shirts and light blouses will work with plastic hangers. The downside is that some cheap ones have spots with rough edges from the manufacturing process that snags some materials.

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