Optimal Oral Hygiene For You And Your Children

Your dentist knows more about your oral habits and health care than you may think. Once you open your mouth and he gets a look at the condition of your teeth and gums, there is no fooling him. He can tell how often you visit your dentist, if you eat and drink things that can damage or stain your teeth, if you grind your teeth when you sleep, if you have been smoking, whether or not you floss and just what level of dental disease you may have. Bacteria can build up rapidly and if you are not visiting your dentist every three months or so, or you are a bit lax with your flossing regime, you are heading for dental trouble. This means you are not going to have that dazzling smile you so badly want. 
Going to see your dentist should be an ongoing routine for you and your family. The money it costs i easily offset by the avoidance of the cost of the treatment you will need if you wait until you actually have a toothache or bleeding gums.

Even though your children may not be particularly fond of dental appointments, they are crucial for preventing dental issues that can be devastating later on in life. It would be wise to discover a top-rated Buffalo Grove dentist that provides exceptional dental services that are unique to every member of your family. Therefore, you can rest assured that the general health of your children’s teeth will be optimized with dental appointments.

The Equipment
If you think you will need a lot of expensive dental gadgets at home, you are wrong. You need floss - that’s the most important and of course a decent toothbrush that you replace regularly. Perhaps buy anti-bacterial mouthwash that you can keep on you for those work or girls lunches, after which, you cannot brush right away.

The Regime
Brush and floss at least twice a day. Without the floss, the brushing alone will not be enough to get the bacteria out from between your teeth. Make sure your brush is not older than three months. If you are in a situation where you are away from home but have no mouthwash on you, rinse well with warm water until you can get home and clean properly.

The Benefits
Save money in the long run by preventing dental disease before it starts. You and your dentist need to do this together, so find your ‘right fit’ dentist and consult him regularly. A strict dental regime at home prevents dental issues reaching the stage where you actually feel pain and sensitivity in your teeth and gums. Practising good dental hygiene will also result in your kids following your example as they see you taking care of your oral health daily.

What if your current smile is less than stellar?

If you are spending your days and social life hiding your smile behind your hand or keeping your lips tightly closed, then you know your smile is not the best. There are many ways your dentist can improve your smile, from veneers to whiteners or other more complicated procedures. Once you have the smile you want, you can carry on with your maintenance regime to keep things that way.

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