Should You Have an Open-plan Office?

In a company or any organization, it is essential to establish camaraderie and encourage productivity among employees. Without these two crucial factors, the entire organization will become an internal disaster. That is why business owners should give importance not only to maintaining positivity among their staff but also to encouraging a good working relationship between them and their employees.
Aside from having an excellent employer-employee work relationship, a conducive working environment can create a huge impact as well. Some office fit-out companies in Sydney can help you set up your office space and achieve company objectives.

The rise of open-plan offices

Back then, offices with partition walls and cubicles were the norm. But over the years, the concept of open-plan offices became more popular due to several reasons.

It is also said that the latter provides more benefits than the former in terms of productivity and camaraderie. Still, your office setup depends on the office size, company culture, and employees' demographic.

Even famous companies in Silicon Valley have already embraced open-plan offices. As mentioned, having this type of office setup provides several features that can have a positive impact on the employees. In return, employees will be encouraged at work, and companies can enjoy more profit and revenue.

The benefits of open-plan offices

Open-plan offices can provide a lot of advantages not only for the employees but also for the company in general. Aside from encouraging teamwork and improving productivity, here are some of the best benefits of having an open-plan office:

1. It establishes trust between employers and employees.
Managers and supervisors can check on their employees without looking as if they are invading their privacy. Meanwhile, employees can also easily ask their co-workers for help. They can tap their co-worker's shoulder sitting beside or right across them.

2. Companies can save on procurement and labor costs.
Another benefit companies can get is that they don't need to purchase partitions for their office. Because there is nothing to install anymore, they can also save on labor costs. These savings can be allocated for more important things, such as product development and marketing.

3. It provides a liberating feeling.

Doesn't it feel better to be walking around more freely and without obstructions? An open-spaced office can also allow natural light to come in, therefore lessening overhead costs such as electricity. As mentioned, this kind of environment also promotes office camaraderie and improve productivity, which can help in increasing company profit.

A word of caution

However, an open-plan office also has a set of cons. For one, this kind of office setup might not be for those who value their privacy and those who are easily distracted. Various disease-causing viruses can quickly spread in an open-office configuration than those with cubicle offices.With all that said, it can also depend on the company's goals. Nonetheless, it is up to the company as to which kind of office setup will work best not only for their employees but also for their company as a whole.

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