Unique Family Fun This Holiday Season

Spending time together as a family is an important part of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Going to a movie is a common activity to do altogether, but it's a passive one with little interaction. As you plan a family activity this year, instead consider murder mystery shows in South Florida for something more engaging.

Dining Together as a Family

Murder mystery shows are a unique form of interactive dinner theater where everyone, young and old, can take part. Typically, the show starts out with a multi-course meal. Gathering around a table always brings families together. With multiple courses to the meal, even picky eaters will find something to enjoy. It also gives you a chance to convince your children to try something new in a fun and interesting setting. Best of all, no one is stuck in a sweltering kitchen for hours, preparing the meal for everyone else or getting stuck doing all the dishes.

Reality Theater

In addition to multi-course dining, murder mystery shows include reality theater. Rather than passively sitting in an audience, watching a traditional performance on stage, murder mystery performances play out around you while you're sitting at your table. You're essentially on the stage while the actors blend into your dining experience. Many of your interactions can help guide the direction of the mystery. Some shows even occur in interesting locations such as railroad cars, which adds to the unique and interactive occasion.

Family Game Night

While the performance plays out, everyone has a chance to solve the murder mystery puzzle. Family members can break into detective teams, pairing old with young, pitting sibling against sibling, and keeping everyone involved. Depending on the audience the night you attend, you may be competing with other families, as well. Not only does this heighten the fun and competitive spirit, but it also means everyone participates. Children aren't left at the kids' table to play among themselves and Auntie isn’t relegated to keep things under control in the children’s room while the adults enjoy stimulating conversation or parlor games. Everyone engages in solving the mystery.

Quality Family Time

The importance of quality family time is clear, especially during the holiday season. Don’t let yourself default to the usual board or video games. This year, why not start a new holiday tradition with your family? Try a murder mystery show for a unique form of entertainment that is fun and engaging for the whole family.

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