The Difference Between Good-quality Cheese and Bad Cheese

Fans of cheese know that even though all cheese looks appealing, it's actually really hard to find top-quality cheese. Most of what you can find in supermarkets tends to be mass-produced and not the best stuff out there. While it's not impossible to find great cheese in supermarkets, you will have to know exactly what to look out for when buying. On the other hand, cheese in specialty cheese shops can have so much diversity that you don't know what to pick. They can often cost a lot for a tiny amount. So you need to be sure that you are buying the best product before you get it. Here, we talk about ways of telling apart the good stuff from the okay stuff.
Go to a specialty cheese shop

Generally speaking, the cheese you buy from a specialty cheese shop is likely to be of higher quality than the cheese you buy from a supermarket. This is because they will stock them from reliable sources. They will also be able to recommend the right kind of cheese for you, as opposed to supermarkets; they give you the option of tasting before you buy. A good retailer should be able to advise you on quality and find you something in your price range. Although specialty cheese shops can be more expensive, they're well worth the price if you are looking for something specific, like Wisconsin cheese curds.

Look at the type of milk it's made from

The type of milk used in the cheese-making process is also an important factor that influences the taste of the cheese. Look for a kind of cheese that is made from raw milk, rather than pasteurized milk. Pasteurization and heat treatment take out most of the milk's natural aroma and flavor. On a similar note, look out for labels that say "processed cheese." Processed cheese will have a rubbery consistency. It is made from various types of non-dairy ingredients such as vegetable oil and emulsifiers. These not only taste artificial, but they can also be bad for your health.

Taste it if possible

Whenever possible, opt to taste the cheese. This will give you an idea of the taste profile and complexity of the cheese's flavors. Rather than a strong hint of smell or taste, look for subtle notes and flavors that play out on your taste buds. Don't try too many cheese samples at once; it can confuse your taste buds.

Buy free-range and natural

Buying free-range and natural is a good way of ensuring that the cheese you buy is of high quality. This is because the cattle's feed affects the quality of the milk. Grass-fed cattle are more likely to make better cheese. Buy from small farmers markets and local shops if you want free-range dairy products.

Those who love cheese know the importance of finding the perfect supplier. There are many more factors that can influence the taste, including the kind of facility where the cheese is produced. As a rule of thumb, go for textured, aged, and small-scale productions.

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