Make Your Dreams of Becoming a Lawyer a Reality with These 3 Tips

Earning the right to call yourself an attorney is an exciting and noble job goal. The profession pays well, and you will enjoy the respect of friends, family, and strangers alike. If it is your wish to pursue a career as a lawyer, there are several things you should know to start you along the path.

  1. Get Value Out of Your Undergraduate Education

Prospective lawyers should not look at their first four years in college as a simple formality they must endure. The time you spend achieving your undergraduate education can serve to build a solid foundation for you in law school and beyond.

There is no single major required to gain admission to the law school of your choice. However, there may be majors that will prepare you a little better for your time in law school than others. Majors that have worked out well for law school students in the past include:
  • English
  • Philosophy
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • History
  • Political Science
Extracurricular activities are also important while you are at a four-year college. Some activities that may benefit you as a prospective law school student are: becoming part of the student government, joining the debate team, and performing volunteer work at a legal firm. Not only will you pick up skills that will last you a lifetime, but you will also meet like-minded people who are traveling a similar path.

  1. Prepare and Study for the LSAT

The Law School Admissions Test is administered to prospective law school students six times each year. The standardized test takes half a day to complete and measures the capacity a prospective student has for logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and reading comprehension.

Students that take the LSAT will also be required to submit a writing sample that is not scored but may be used to give the nod to one student over another if all other things are equal.

The study and preparation necessary to do well on the LSAT are substantial. Prospective students should make themselves familiar with LSAT test dates and start their preparations early. Many study materials are available to you, and you should find one or more that fits the way you learn the best. Other ideas that will help prepare you for the LSAT are: join a study group or register for a formal LSAT prep course.

You should take a practice test early in your preparation process. This will give you an idea of where you are regarding your potential performance on the real exam. It would help if you took more practice tests throughout the preparation process to gauge your progress. progress.

  1. Find and Apply to the Right Law School

Before beginning the formal application process for law school, it is important to research law schools thoroughly to ensure you have the right schools on your radar. Things to consider are:
  • The cost to attend the law school
  • How much money you owe after graduation
  • Financial aid availability
  • Quality of instruction
  • Life for students on campus
  • Location of school
Law schools have a rolling admissions process. This means the school will continuously review the applications they receive until a final deadline arrives. You should know the deadlines for the schools that interest you and ensure you are ready to submit your application long before this date.

Most law schools place their admissions priorities on grade point average and performance on the LSAT. It is important that you earn a high score on the LSAT and have an exceptional grade point average. The application package you assemble should also include letters of recommendation, a personal statement, work history, and a list of extracurricular activities that are relevant to the law school admissions process.

Bottom Line

A career in law can be tough to achieve, but there are many rewards awaiting you as a prospective lawyer who has persevered through law school. If you feel a law degree is possibly in your future, these three tips will help make your dream become a reality.

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