5 fabulous things to do in Mallorca

Mallorca, located in the Mediterranean, is the largest island in the Balearics and is a very popular tourist destination. Mallorca enjoys hot and dry summers, but in the winter months, it can be fairly cold and wet. There are many places to explore and visit in Mallorca depending on the type of thing you are interested in. Here are 5 fabulous things to do in Mallorca.
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Mallorcan Wine tours

There are many incredible vineyards on the island of Mallorca and more than 70 wineries, and so it's not surprising that there are many wine tours available to excite your palette. You will learn about the techniques used by the local winemakers, take a tour around the wineries and get to sample many of the wines that are produced. You may also be offered Mallorcan snacks that complement the flavor of the wine.

Yacht charters

There are many yacht charters in Mallorca which can be booked for differing timescales. If you are an experienced sailor or just love being on the water, you will love this experience. If you want to spend a few days, or even the duration of your holiday, at sea but are not comfortable taking charge, you can hire a skipper to accompany you. It’s a lovely and very peaceful way to see the island and its surrounding areas.

The Caves of Drach

Situated on the outskirts of Porto Cristo on the east coast of the island, the Caves of Drach (also known as the dragon caves) have been a popular tourist attraction for decades and are nothing short of stunning. The Caves of Drach, which contain a large underground lake, consist of four adjoining great caves which expand around 4km in length and to a depth of around 25m. Whilst being led through the caves, you will be told about its history and can enjoy a live classical concert at the end. It is a stunning and very moving tour and one you are sure to remember.

Tour the island

What better way to explore this beautiful island than hiring a car. There are many hire car outlets on the island so you won’t have any trouble finding a vehicle to suit. Mallorca’s roads are in the main excellent, but there are a few roads that may have your hair standing on end, so its best to avoid those! There are gas stations in most major towns and cities, but if you intend driving off the beaten track, make sure you do so with a full tank of fuel.

La Reserva Nature Park
Located in Puigpnyet in the southwest of the island and around 17km from Palma is La Reserva wildlife refuge. Offering beautiful views of the Mallorcan mountains, you can walk around the forests and see birds of prey and lots of animals who, for various reasons, could not be re-introduced to their natural habitat. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, why not have a go on the longest zip line in Mallorca whilst you are there.

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