Make Them Stare With Improved Curb Appeal

You may have noticed as you drive through your neighborhood that there are those homes that you don’t bother to take a second look at and those that make you want to pull over and take a photo. You can turn your home into one of the latter by making a few changes to your existing landscaping. If you are at a loss to know where to start, here are a few simple tips.

Think First Impressions

You may not realize it, but the front of your home that can be seen from the street is considered part of the curb appeal. Do a good power wash on the entire fa├žade. Paint the exterior if paintable. You may want to consider painting any brick as well - a more updated look than brick, especially in an older home. Choose a color that looks well with your roof and is different from the homes on either side.

Trim Bushes and Trees

Bushes that have overgrown should be trimmed. A window or other architectural element that is partially or completely covered by bushes and cannot be seen is not as appealing and can make the home seem smaller. Likewise, trees that have an unpleasant or incongruous shape, or that partially obscure the front of the home, should be trimmed by Rock Tree Services if they live in the service area.

Work on the Lawn

Treat your lawn to rid it of broadleaf weeds, clover or grubs. Nothing spoils the look of a beautiful lawn more than big white patches or stretches of messy dandelions. Add nutrients such as nitrogen and fertilizer to help build strong roots, thicken it up and develop a rich green color. Make sure to give the lawn regular watering just before sunrise when the cells of the grass are more open and receptive to the water. Watering during the heat of the day can cause the grass to burn. If you don't have the time, energy, or skills to create lush green grass, consider hiring a professional lawn care service like TruGreen.

Add Flowers and Plants

Choose a mixture of lovely green leafy plants, such as hosta and a variety of colors of blooming plants as well. Stagger the heights of the plants and add leaves with lots of texture. Zinnias hold their blooms and for a long time and continue blooming from summer through fall. They make a tall back edge and show off a blooming border of myrtle or marigolds.

Finish up with a few decorative touches like new light fixtures on the porch or updated shutters. With all the improvements, you will give the whole place a well-deserved facelift. Before you know it, the person stopping to take photos may just be yourself!

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