RepairSmith Auto Repair Service Offers Convenience for Families

Our family is busy! The girls, my husband, and I are very involved in extra-curricular activities, volunteering, community events, and work-related adventures. We are always on the go--and generally over scheduled--so our cars are ALWAYS on the go also! We rely on our vehicles and need them to be up to the day's journeys every single day. When a car breaks down--it breaks down our entire schedule until it is back up and running. I recently discovered RepairSmith--and cannot wait until it comes to our city! Today, I wanted to share a little about this convenient car repair service because it offers a vital service to busy families!

What is RepairSmith? RepairSmith makes auto maintenance and repairs easy! This service lets car owners opt to have routine or emergency vehicle repairs done either in their own driveway or at a certified shop. The RepairSmith delivery mechanics service trucks are packed with tools and equipment that allow them to make 85% of repairs at the car owner's location! If unable to repair at the vehicle location--services may be obtained at one of their shops. Most importantly--RepairSmith guarantees their work with a 12-month / 12,000-mile warranty.

Currently, they service Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, as well as the Bay Area and Sacramento. They plan to roll out services in other major cities this year.

What do I like about RepairSmith? As a busy mom, there are a lot of things to love about this auto repair service:

Easy Scheduling.  Services may be scheduled seven days a week. It is easy to request a service quote and schedule an appointment online.

They Come to Your Car. If you have ever sat with three young children in an auto shop waiting area...even a quick oil change can feel like it takes hours! Most of our current auto repairs either require that the vehicle be dropped at the shop--which means someone has to pick me up and take me home or back to work after the drop off--or I have to sit and wait for the work to be completed. All of this requires scheduling--and, in many cases, it requires that the kids tag along. I love the convenience of having a repair person come to my car at home--or my husband's car at the office without taking any extra time from both of our busy days!

They Offer a Warranty for their Service. For those of us who may worry about the dependability of a mobile auto repair shop--RepairSmith guarantees their work with a 12-month / 12,000-mile warranty.

Would I recommend RepairSmith? RepairSmith is a reasonably new company, currently only serving areas in California--but, it is a wonderful concept that I hope takes off across the country. From a simple oil change or tune-up to brake or transmission work--the RepairSmith technicians bring the repair shop to you. You can schedule online and get a quote for the requested work via text. This service offers convenience and ease with the peace of mind of a warranty. Life happens fast--and this is just one more way to simplify things a bit when complications arise.

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