Family Travel: A Stay with Getaway Cabins in the Hocking Hills Region of Ohio

Living in Central Ohio, about an hour from the heart of Ohio's Hocking Hills area, you would think that we would be frequent visitors to the region. While we have visited the highlights like Old Man's Cave, Ash Cave, and Cedar Falls--and most of the other "tourist" spots--and we have stayed for a long weekend a couple of times--we had never taken the kids for a weekend trip and we had never visited during the winter. This year, the girls and I decided to book a cabin as a holiday gift for my husband--and that was no easy task! There are tons of cabins in the region--and after a week of looking at as many as we could and narrowing down our must-have amenities--we kept coming back to the same one: Whispering Woods #25 from Getaway Cabins. We had such a great trip--even the dog loved it! I wanted to take a few minutes today to share our experiences with Getaway Cabins and offer some tips should you book a cabin with them too!  

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Whispering Woods #25 cabin in the Hocking Hills
Why were we drawn to Whispering Woods? We had a list of must-haves. The cabin had to be dog friendly, it needed a pool table and a hot tub--and it had to be reasonably accessible without a 4-wheel-drive vehicle should our Ohio January have a typical winter-weather mood. Beyond that--we wanted something spacious so that everyone could have their own space and we wanted to be away from most cell phone access and wifi. Yep. We wanted to unplug everyone and really take a couple of days off as a family.  Whispering Woods met all of our criteria--and a quick phone call to them verified that the roads into the cabin office and into the actual cabin were a little less rugged than some and we should be fine without 4x4's.  I gave one more check of the 10 day weather forecast and booked the cabin.

Pinnable image for Getaway Cabins Whispering Woods #25 cabin in the Hocking Hills

How was the roadtrip to Getaway Cabins in Hocking Hills from Columbus, Ohio?  My husband and I drove separately because his father had been hospitalized in Cincinnati and he planned to drive to the hospital directly for a visit at the end of our stay rather than driving all the way to Columbus and then all the way to the hospital.  I drove our youngest daughter and Max the dog while he drove our other daughter.  I mapped the directions according to the cabin's website, took main roads from Columbus and we made it fairly quickly to the office to check-in.  My husband; however, had my daughter map their route--and she forgot that her phone gps was set to avoid highways.  He had a much more scenic route! I had taken some screen shots of the gps route in case my phone lost connectivity--but, we didn't have any problems finding the cabin office.

If you Go Tip:  Make sure that you have your gps using main roads and take some screen shots in case you lose your cell phone or gps signal.

How was the check-in process?  We arrived a little after three, check-in was 3-5, and opted to check in and find the cabin so that we could unpack and get dinner started.  The office staff was very friendly and, within just a few minutes, we had directions to our cabin, our key code for the cabin lock and had selected a couple of free movies from the office stash.

If you Go Tip:  Take a few minutes to look through the gift shop and check out a few old movies to use in the cabin. 

How was the drive to the cabin?  I was nervous about this!  I had never booked a cabin that wasn't within a stone's throw of the cabin office. I took a few minutes before we left the cabin office to send my husband the directions and map so that he didn't have to drive all the way to the cabin office.  We saw so many deer as we drove to the cabin.  The map and the directions made it very easy to find the cabin.  All of the cabins in the area were well marked and we made it without any issues.  The roads in and out of the cabin are a little narrow--so I was glad that none of the other guests back our "lane" were moving around!  We parked, unpacked the car, looked around a bit--and were getting ready to start dinner when my husband and daughter arrived.

If you Go Tip:  Take your time during your drive so that you don't miss any turns.   The office gives great instructions with things to look for near your turns--so read through those and keep them handy during your drive.

How was our stay at Whispering Woods #25?  We walked in the cabin door to find lights and music on for us.  We were arriving before dark--but, it was relaxing to walk into the cabin and feel immediately at home.  We loaded the refrigerator with the food we had packed, surveyed the kitchen and found an adequate supply of cookware, utensils, and a random assortment of things that we might need--and, literally, just felt at ease from the moment we walked in.  Everything was simple, orderly and, while the game room was well-used, everything was functional and we didn't have any issues during our stay.

Living Room in Getaway Cabins Whispering Woods #25 cabin in the Hocking Hills

Max the dog checked everything out and then parked himself in front of those low front windows to watch for the rest of the family.  He loved it.

Kitchen in Getaway Cabins Whispering Woods #25 cabin in the Hocking Hills
Bedroom in Getaway Cabins Whispering Woods #25 cabin in the Hocking Hills
Everything at Whispering Woods #25 was simple, comfortable and relaxing.  It was nice for everyone to experience the darkness of the woods and the peaceful views.  Whether watching deer strolling by the windows in the mornings or settling into the hot tub as it snowed flurries around--there was a feeling of peace and calm.  It was a nice break from the daily "usual" flurry of activities.

There were a few board games available, movies from the cabin office--and it was an easy drive to all of the Hocking Hills trails and attractions.

If you Go Tips:  There is a nearby grocery store if you have forgotten anything necessary--but, coffee filters were really the only thing "missing" that were not available at the cabin and that I didn't think to pack.

Stairs to lower level in Getaway Cabins Whispering Woods #25 cabin in the Hocking Hills
While it's a great addition for families with younger children--we kept this gate to the game room / downstairs closed to help limit the dog from running up and down the stairs!  He is a little old, has bad knees and is a little uncoordinated--so we loved that we could gate him and help him up and down a bit!  
Game room in Getaway Cabins Whispering Woods #25 cabin in the Hocking Hills
The downstairs game room/sleeping areas were pretty chilly in January even with the heat turned up.  My husband would have been fine sleeping down there--but, my youngest daughter needed extra blankets and warmer night clothes!   I am not sure if this is the opposite during the summer--so I would plan a little flexibility into sleeping rooms and clothing choices. 

If you Bring the Dog Tips:  Plan to bring extra towels and blankets to cover the furniture and bedding if you are bringing pets! It had been rainy/snowy during the weeks before our trip so it was muddy outside and I used a lot of towels cleaning up the dog after outings.  The cabin office provided us with a list of dog-friendly trails and those trails and attractions had lots of dog families! 

Would I Recommend a Stay with Getaway Cabins in the Hocking Hills region in Ohio?  In all honesty--we would not hesitate a moment to return.  The cabin was clean, relaxing and well maintained.  We did not experience any issues with out stay and Max the dog absolutely loved his vacation!  I would certainly recommend Getaway Cabins and the Whispering Woods cabin for families traveling with pets.  It is easily accessible and close enough to all that Hocking Hills has to offer while still being secluded and relaxing!  We had a great trip and look forward to heading back in the fall.

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Disclaimer:  We were not compensated for this post and did not receive paid accommodations.  We just wanted to share our family's experiences with our latest family travel find!

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