The Best of New Orleans Cookbook Review

I always get excited when I get a new cookbook full of recipes to try! I recently had the opportunity to review The Best of New Orleans Cookbook by Ryan Boudreaux!  What did I think of this cajun and creole filled cookbook?

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About the Book

A taste of New Orleans―right in your own kitchen
Just like a big bowl of gumbo, New Orleans is a melting pot of cultures and flavors. Its vibrant cuisine is as unique as the city itself, evidenced by the delightful scent of Creole and Cajun cooking wafting through the streets. Let The Best of New Orleans Cookbook transport you there with amazing dishes―straight out of Bourbon Street―you can make right in your own home.

More than just decadent recipes, you’ll find the flavor of NOLA all over this New Orleans cookbook―from profiles of iconic culinary landmarks like CafĂ© du Monde to where to find the ingredients that define its cooking, like andouille, crawfish, and Louisiana hot sauce. Because eating and drinking go hand and hand in New Orleans, you’ll also find recipes for the libations it’s most famous for―so mix yourself up a Sazerac, grab this New Orleans cookbook, and let’s get cookin’!
Inside The Best of New Orleans Cookbook you’ll find:
  • Top five picks―A local’s guide to favorite places and things to do when visiting, including the five best bars and spots to enjoy raw oysters.
  • Cook with confidence―Learn what the Cajun Holy Trinity is, how to whip up a roux, and what it takes to fry like a pro.
  • A little something extra―Look for a lagniappe at the end of almost every recipe for tips, tricks, and historical highlights related to the dish.
Enjoy Big Easy cooking with this fun, easy New Orleans cookbook.

My Review
The Best of New Orleans Cookbook offers Tips, History and Straightforward Recipes.  The recipes in this book are easy to follow--and we have had success with each recipe that we have tried.  Most of the recipes in the book had a cajun or creole theme.  The recipes range from simple to detailed--with tips and local tidbits thrown in throughout the book.  I enjoyed the "Out and about in New Orleans" section at the end for those of us who would like to take a break from our own kitchens and visit some "must try" bars and restaurants in the city too!

The Best of New Orleans Cookbook is a Well Organized Look at New Orleans Food.  The cookbook hits the highlights with familiar dishes that are easy enough to prepare at home--but, loaded with cajun and creole flavors that may not be on our regular nightly menu.  
Would I Recommend The Best of New Orleans Cookbook by Ryan Boudreaux?  My family has enjoyed the recipes that we have tried from the book so far.  Most of the recipes do not have photos of the prepared dishes--so you don't have to worry if your dish doesn't "look as good as the picture"--just focus on the taste!  If you enjoy straightforward recipes with regional facts, tips and historical references thrown in--this book is a fun trip through New Orleans cooking.  I always say that I never really follow a recipe--but, I have been following the recipes in this book to the letter for this review--and we haven't had a complaint about any of the dishes we have created from the book so far!
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Meet the Author
Born in Lafayette, Louisiana, and raised in Algiers on the Westbank of New Orleans, Ryan Boudreaux started cooking when he was thirteen years old.  He has more than thirty-six years of professional culinary experience in and around the New Orleans area.  He lives with his wife, Monique, their three dogs, and twelve egg-laying hens in Carriere, Mississippi.  

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