Tips for Setting Up a Kindergarten Classroom

Kindergarten is a unique time in a child's life. It marks one of the first steps on the educational journey. Educators who have taught at multiple grade levels find that more growth takes place during kindergarten than any other year of a student's schooling.

Because you and your students will spend so much time in the kindergarten classroom, it is important to ensure that it is a comfortable, safe, and welcoming place.

1. Storage

There are two types of items that you need to store in a kindergarten classroom: Those that the children can access themselves and those that must be stored securely away until needed. The latter should be kept in high cabinets well out of the children's reach. The former should be stored in low-level classroom cabinets Austin TX that the students can easily open themselves. Better yet, store such materials on open shelves and cabinets.

2. Colors

A coherent color scheme can be beneficial, but be careful of the colors you choose. It may be tempting to fill the room with lots of bright colors. However, that can be overwhelming to students who have sensory issues. Instead, opt for soft pastels or soothing neutrals. You can add a splash of bright colors here and there for contrast, especially in areas where you would particularly like to focus attention. The less you use the more vibrant colors, the more they will really pop.

3. Safety

Of course, you want to make your classroom a place for children to have fun, but be sure that you do not sacrifice their safety. Use only non-toxic materials, make sure the emergency exits are clear and accessible, and see to it that all the children in the classroom are visible at all times. In other words, do not allow blind areas where you cannot see the children at play.

Most kindergarten teachers allow their students to sit at tables rather than desks. These create a more homey feeling to help ease the transition to school for the youngest students.

These tips will help create a fun, safe and functional environment for your students to learn and grow.

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