Advice I Ignored: Stories and Widsom from a Formerly Depressed Teen

May is Mental Health Awareness Month--and, after the wild past couple of months the world has faced in light of the COVID-19 pandemic--this is certainly an important time to focus on our mental well being!  As the mother of two teens and a young adult--I see all too well how this pandemic is changing our normals--and taking so many milestone celebrations and events away from our teens.  I recently had the opportunity to read and review Advice I Ignored:  Stories and Wisdom From a Formerly Depressed Teen by Ruby Walker.  What did I think of this non-fiction book?

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About the Book

 Advice I Ignored is the only book about teenage depression that was actually written by a teenager!
When Ruby Walker was fifteen, she went from a numb, silent, miserable high school dropout to a joyous loudmouth in one year flat. Advice I Ignored answers the question everyone's been asking her since: What happened? In ten illustrated chapters, you'll learn how to:
  • get out from under self-hatred
  • gain a sense of free will
  • deal with failure without falling apart
  • create your way through an existential crisis
  • use exercise to beg your brain for endorphins
  • have an identity beyond "sad"
  • and more!
Full of embarrassing stories, honest advice, and fierce hope, Advice I Ignored is a self-help book for people who hate help. And themselves.

My Review

Advice I Ignored is a Unique Blend of Memoir & Self Help. Rather than finding a book of the advice that adults often give teens facing challenges, depression, and self-doubt--this book shares the full picture for teens and those who seek to help them. The author takes a piece of standard advice--like "don't be so hard on yourself"--and she shares her thoughts about the advice. Then, the author shares a personal, real story about a time that "advice" came into play during her bouts with depression--and she shares some tips that she used (and you or your teen can use) to apply that advice--in more realistic/modified form to her own life. The author offers an authentic look at some very painful times, events in her life. She shares honest emotions and feelings--and the genuine struggles that she had with advice and with trying to improve her well-being.  

Advice I Ignored is a Unique Type of Self Help Book for Depressed Teens. The author doesn't sugarcoat the realities. She talks about how various pieces of ordinary adult advice made her feel. She shares her immediate responses to advice--and her actual thought processes as she worked through ways to implement small changes related to pieces of advice as she moved toward recovery from depression. Teens (and parents) will benefit from the honesty. The story will resonate with those suffering from depression--and they will enlighten those trying to help teens in need.  

Would I Recommend Advice I Ignored by Ruby Walker? There is always some comfort in knowing that you are not alone--in knowing that someone understands what you are feeling and enduring. While life situations surrounding depressed teens may be different--and some of the skills used in responses may be different than Ruby's--many of the thoughts, emotions, and challenges faced by depressed teens are very similar. As the author shares her problems and feelings--she also shares the tips she used to make small strides toward wellness. The book certainly isn't a substitute for professional resources--but it is definitely a valuable resource for families facing depression and mental health concerns with teens.

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About the Author

Ruby Walker is an 18-year-old artist and writer. Ruby grew up in Austin, Texas, moved down to Buda, dropped out of high school, did a few other things, and is currently studying art at Trinity University in San Antonio. Her first book, Advice I Ignored: Stories and Wisdom from a Formerly Depressed Teen, is the only book on teenage mental health that was actually written by a teenager. 

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