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As we finish up the 2020 school year, many parents are now parenting high school graduates planning to move off to colleges in a few short months!   My middle daughter is a high school junior--but, college visits and planning are part of our daily life as we prepare for 2021!  As a mom, I have been my daughter's "health" resource for almost 17 years.   When she moves away to a college dorm and begins to grow into a young adult--she may not be so ready to ask me questions about her health and well being!  I recently had the opportunity to read and review The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook by Dr. Jill Grimes.  What did I think of The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook?  Read my thoughts on this handbook and learn about the author in this book review feature.

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About the Book

Consider this College Health 101—a guide to what students really want (or need) to know about their mental and physical health when they're away from home.

College students facing their first illness, accident, or anxiety away from home often flip-flop between wanting to handle it themselves and wishing their parents could swoop in and fix everything. Advice from peers and “Dr. Google” can be questionable.The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook provides accurate, trustworthy, evidence-based medical information (served with a dose of humor) to reduce anxiety and stress and help set appropriate expectations for more than fifty common issues.

What if you can’t sleep well (or can’t sleep at all) in your dorm room?  What if a pill “gets stuck” in your throat? What if your roommate falls asleep (or passes out) wearing contacts, and wakes up with one painfully stuck? Your friend’s terrible sore throat isn’t Strep or Mono? What else could it be? What if everyone from your group project thinks they’re coming down with the flu the day before your presentation?

Dr. Jill Grimes has the answer to these questions and many more. Her guidebook is designed to help you: 
  • Decide if and when to seek medical help
  • Know what to expect when you get there
  • Plan for the worst-case scenario if you don’t seek help
  • Learn how you can prevent this in the future
  • Realize what you can do right now, before you see a doctor
  • Understand the diagnostic and treatment options

The topics of tattoos, smoking, vaping, pot, piercings, and prescription drugs will also be tackled throughout the pages of this handbook, ensuring you, your roommates, and your friends have a healthy semester.

My Review

The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook Offers Real Life Advice for College Students. While I had to pause a bit when I encountered the section covering hangovers so early in the handbook--I had to quickly remind myself that this is why this book is so valuable for young college students! The doctor offers advice on topics ranging from headaches, coughs/colds, test-taking anxiety, sore throats, insomnia--to issues such as hangovers, sexual situations, piercing problems, smoking/vaping, etc. College students may not want to ask mom or dad about some of these topics--but that doesn't mean that questions, concerns, and issues about alcohol, sex, drugs, etc. aren't going to arise! This book is an excellent handbook that touches on most of the everyday health and wellness issues that may present themselves to college students--especially the ones that teens may want to "handle on their own" without talking it over with a parent!

Dr. Grimes Writing Style Creates the Perfect Health and Wellness Guide for College Students. The author has a very simplistic writing style that blends realistic advice with medical facts--and even addresses some common myths that college students encounter when seeking help from friends or the internet. The sections of this book are straightforward and written in a concise manner that will answer a young adult's questions credibly while being suited to those instant information-seeking teens! 

Would I Recommend The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook by Jill Grimes, MD, FAAFP? As I read through the advice presented in this book--I felt comfortable suggesting that my daughter follow the advice! The book is presented in an authentic, no-nonsense fashion that gives the information honestly, matter-of-factly---and clearly enough that a young college student will be able to understand the risks/reasoning without panic and follow the advice without doubt or embarrassment. I recommend this handbook for any parent seeking a little peace of mind as they send high school graduates off to a college campus.  I loved this handbook--and I have already put a copy onto my daughter's college packing list.

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About the Author

Jill Grimes, MD, FAAFP, is a nationally recognized medical media expert, award-winning author, medical editor, and Board-Certified Family Physician. Her passion is prevention, and her message spans print (Parenting Magazine, Glamour, etc.), online (Refinery29,, etc.), and television and radio talk shows (Sirius XM Doctor Radio). After two decades of private practice, Dr. Grimes now enjoys seeing patients part-time at the University of Texas in Austin. She is a proud mom to two awesome collegiate daughters. Academically, Dr. Grimes enjoys educating healthcare professionals by speaking at national AAFP, Pri-Med®, and Harvard Medical School conferences, and remains on clinical faculty at UMASS Medical School.

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