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The events of the past few months have really thrown a tool chest of wrenches into all the aspects of our lives that were "normal".  For many of us, we are still struggling to establish new routines and "find ourselves" as we pick through our lives, re-evaluating and re-structuring our days.  Some of us have found some unexpected time off--while the work loads for others have become unbearable as we have shifted into work-from-home, learn from home families!  Today, I have a self-help book in our book review feature that may be just what you need as you work through this trying time.   Read my thoughts on Time Off and learn about the authors!

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About the Book

Discover the transformative power of leisure to recapture your calm and creativity.

We live in a time where busyness is often seen as a badge of honor. But are your busiest days really the ones that make you feel the most accomplished? If all of your hard work isn't working, it might be time to question the common assumption that "busy" = "productive." After reaching breaking points in their careers, business coach John Fitch and AI researcher Max Frenzel both learned the critical importance of taking time off. Now these former workaholics are here to help you revolutionize the way you get things done.

Time Off: A Practical Guide to Building Your Rest Ethic and Finding Success Without the Stress reveals how history's greatest minds, as well as some of the most successful leaders, thinkers, and creatives of today, found success by practicing a more balanced approach to work and life. Embracing their insights on how constant hustle can be your worst enemy, you will realize that time off means much more than just taking a break. By learning how to slow down, you will rediscover a more fulfilled and versatile version of yourself and unlock your true creative potential.

In Time Off, you'll discover:
  • The most effective methods to reclaim leisure, while increasing productivity and creativity
  • Why your work ethic needs to be supported by an equally solid rest ethic
  • Tactics for getting away from the work without the dreaded guilt
  • Why time off and leisure will be key competitive advantages in the future of work
  • How to thrive alongside AI and use technology to become more human
  • The many ways in which time off improves your leadership skills, and much, much more!
Reshaping the way you think about work and leisure, Time Off is a reinvigorating guide to doing more by laboring less. If you like relatable personal anecdotes, historically-sound approaches to downtime, and scientifically-backed strategies for increasing your creativity, then you'll love John Fitch and Max Frenzel's life-changing resource.

Get Time Off - for yourself or as a gift to the busy people in your life - as a healthy reminder to put down the busywork and pick up what actually matters most to you.

My Review

Time Off Offers Readers Some Insights into The Value of Resting. Rather than merely creating another book about the ups and downs of "busyness,"--the authors have given readers a different take on life balance as they consider the actual value of resting on our lives and well-being. Through the presentation of case studies and research, the authors create a strong case toward balanced downtime and cite benefits in terms of health, wellness, success, and happiness.

Time Off Offers Resources and Tips without Preaching or Guilt-Trips. The conversational, relatable writing style allows readers to see themselves and their own hectic lives through the lives and experiences of others--and see the impact of some life changes on success and the quality of life. Today, many of us are struggling to come to terms with overwhelming to-do lists and the wearing of too many hats! This book lights up some different aspects of life that many of us have run from in our daily to-do list driven society! While it offers tips and suggestions--it does so in a manner that doesn't add to our balancing act!

Would I Recommend Time Off by John Fitch and Max Frenzel? This morning, I had a personal meltdown as I dwell on the thought that, if I do all of the "work" items on my to-do list for both my job and the home--then, I can't possibly do anything creative or fun with the family. Of course, my children need some relaxation and some structure to their days too. Then, of course, there is absolutely NO time for me personally to recharge for tomorrow, either. There is a battle between a feeling of success at work, as a parent, as a home caretaker--and any feeling of fulfillment. This book offers some tips for bringing your various roles and attitudes into some sort of agreement and balance. Now is the perfect time to pick up this book and make some changes to your life as you are already navigating the development of a new "normal"! I would recommend this book to anyone struggling to find time for rest (or even enjoy downtime when you make time!) or for those facing a constant state of "busy." It has realistic tips that you will want to implement into your life--and can see yourself applying!

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About the Authors

Max Frenzel (Tokyo) and John Fitch (Austin) have both spent time working in software startups where many are worshiping the mantras that are so pervasive in our current working culture. Max got his Ph.D. in Quantum Physics and has been an AI researcher. John is an entrepreneur and business coach.
At breaking points in both of their work experiences, they realized that many of the commonly held beliefs aren't useful, but destructive. As a result, they decided to be more intentional and deliberate with their approaches to work and time off. Their quality of work and life have improved ever since, and they now want to share that transformation with others.

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