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While the school year did not end as we had hoped in 2020--we are slowly creating our new normal and adapting to our world's changes. It has been an emotional time--sometimes with feeling and emotions that even adults aren't always able to process.  Reading and finding new books to share as a family has always been a huge part of our family life--and finding and sharing new children's book always makes be happy! This week, I had the opportunity to read and review Yummy Me Feels So Good by Lion I Am.  The timing is perfect as the book presents concepts of emotions and self love for families to consider.  What did I think of Yummy Me Feels So Good by Lion I Am?  Check out my thoughts, learn about the author & enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post!

Book Title:  Yummy Me Feels So Good by Lion Iam
Category:  Children's Fiction (Ages 3-7),  36 pages
Genre: children's feelings. baby animals, children's social situations, self esteem, mindfulness, parenting
Publisher:  Funny Bird Production
Release date:   January, 2020
Content Rating:  G. This is a children's book.

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About the Book

Yummy Me Feels So Good isn't just another story book. It is something you can use with your kids and grandkids for many years. Simple and childlike, kids identify with the gentle creatures within. Absolutely beautiful, Yummy Me is a genius way of helping children immediately connect with the world of emotions through enchanting animal friends. The images and words are so simple and therefore can be grasped by children and adults of all ages. The book can easily open up space for a dialogue about emotions between an adult and a child, all the while being playfully disguised as animal talk. Children laugh and grimace as they flip through the pages, mirroring the emotions they feel on the pages. Yummy Me is a great doorway to explore the sometimes difficult arena of emotions, both for children, teachers and parents.

Rather than labeling certain emotions as "good" or "bad", these emotions simply get space to be as they are, and encourage the reader to remember that they too will pass. The final message of the book that we are in fact "none of these" me's is a loving reminder that at any moment we can start our day again from joy. "I have seen firsthand how taking out this book can transform a child's tantrum into a smile and eventually bursts of laughter.

Book Trailer

"Lion I AM validates and assists children to experience emotions in a conscious manner -- essential to learning and gaining self-knowledge.  Scientific research has demonstrated that even more than IQ, your emotional awareness and abilities to handle feelings will determine your success and happiness in all walks of life, including family relationships.   Yummy Me Feels So Good will help you and your child learn to be “Lions of Love,” to consciously choose and express effectively what you are feeling.  Being watchful and strong like the Lion brings acceptance and maturity in the ever changing world of feelings. Then everyone can share this "feeling of magic” and joy with others.”  - Harold H Bloomfield MD, N.Y. Times bestselling author

Click Here to Read Lion's Message for the Big People.

My Review

Yummy Me Feels So Good offers a fun way for families to talk about emotions and feelings.  Especially today, and my house is no exception; we seem to run an entire course of emotions within a very short time--sometimes within an hour! We run from happy to sad to mad to happy and peace-filled to anger-filled. This easy to read children's book offers short, fun to read pages with bright, bold words and illustrations that help the author convey emotions and messages to readers. As the animals show readers emotions--the author can express the many different feelings we feel from moment to moment. The book is a great starting point for young children and their caregivers to discuss emotions and develop an understanding and an acceptance of those feelings.

The Book Has a Simple Story--But, a Big Message for Children.  Learning to self regulate emotions--and show sympathy and empathy are essential skills for little ones! With so many changes in our world today, children (and adults) have had "normal days" disrupted or wholly dismantled! These changes have been hard to understand at times. The new normal has been even more challenging to accept and move forward from for so many people. This book gives readers a way to identify feelings through cute animals and simple prose--and learn to find their "yummy" feeling too!

Would I Recommend Yummy Me Feels So Good by Lion I Am? Emotions are complicated--and can be scary and confusing for children--especially without having "names" or visual images for their feelings. I love simple books that offer families, caregivers, and teachers learning opportunities through fun visuals and easy to understand perspectives. This book is an excellent book for families seeking to help young children put feelings into words--and some self-awareness and self-acceptance into practice.

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Meet the Author

The author Lion I Am lives on a beautiful island with lots of trees and animals. He likes quiet spaces in nature just like his animal friends. He enjoys talking to the turtles, dolphins and whales when they're around. Like the Lion he enjoys relaxing in nature and listening to the sounds of the birds and animals and that of the wind in the trees and bamboos. He especially loves the beach and the ocean surf. One of his favorite things is swimming in the strong waves in the ocean. He loves playing with children and animals. They help him laugh at all his passing Me’s and his funny moods. The children and animals remind him to be grateful for life here on this beautiful Earth. ​ Lion I Am loves to visit with teachers and children who read the Lion I Am books together and share their feelings and playfulness together. The Funny Bird Productions mop top birds sing "All there is is Love, Love is all there is. Love is all there is, All you need is Love" They know the important things in life.

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