Dining in the Midwest: Bummies Pub and Grub Newark, Ohio Restaurant Review

Once upon a time, we traveled almost every week and found loads of new restaurants and adventures.  For the past couple of years, health and life kind of took the lead and travel and family fun took a bit of a back seat!  That has changed over the past few weeks and we are ready to share some experiences, places, spaces and adventures again!  Last week, a hiking day trip found us in Newark, Ohio, at lunch time--and we found local Bummies Pub & Grub.  What did we think of Bummies Pub & Grub in Newark, Ohio?

Fish sandwich and fries from the menu at Bummies Pub & Grub in Newark Ohio

Getting There, Parking, and Such.  Sometimes, we choose a little, local place for lunch or dinner--and have a tough time finding it via GPS.  Bummies is easy to find off the main streets in Newark.  It doesn't sit in some hidden strip mall and the place is easy to find.  We initially thought parking was all on the street--but, there is a little alleyway on the side that took us back to a little parking lot.  It was raining, so, unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of Bummies on the outside.  As a mom traveling with kids, the word "pub" always make me take an extra look around upon arrival--just to make sure that the pub is more restaurant-pub than bar-pub!  As we sat in the parking lot, there were a handful of other cars arriving--with a range of ages from elderly single men and older couples to young families. 

Pinnable Image for a Restaurant Review of Bummies Pub & Grub in Newark, Ohio

The Menu, The Atmosphere & The Staff.  The staff was extremely friendly, ready to help, and had very down-to-Earth personalities.  We watched as staff greeted many of those we assume to be regular customers with smiles and even hugs or pats on the back.  It was a very welcoming environment--with a very varied group of diners and steady stream of local "regulars". 

Bummies is a smaller place with a bar and both indoor and outdoor table seating.  It would certainly fill up during busy lunch/dinner rush times.  There were only a couple of tables available around noon when we visited.  The atmosphere is very relaxed and laid back--but, service kept the flow of diners moving well without rushing anyone out the door. 

The menu was pretty simple and straightforward--but, offered a little something for everyone.  From typical pub food and burgers to salads and a veggie burger--we were all able to quickly find something on the menu to catch our interest.

Bummies Pub & Grill Menu

Drinks & Appetizers

The drink menu included a soft drinks, tea, lemonade and a full bar with some local craft beer options.  My daughter and I opted for sweet tea (that was REALLY sweet) and water.  After talking over the drink options with the server, my husband ventured onto the beer list with lighter IPA, Sexy Weekend, from Sidesweep Brewing in nearby Columbus.  The first one was half gone before I was able to snap a picture!

Glass of Sideswipe Brewery's Sexy Weekend served at Bummies Pub & Grill in Newark

Fried Pickles are our go-to appetizer when my youngest daughter is out with us.  We had considered fried pepperoni--but, opted for our usual appetizer instead!  While we did like the fried pickles--we all found ourselves wondering about the fried pepperoni.  We will have to try it if we make it back to Bummies!

Fried Pickles with Ranch Dip in a Serving Basket

Lunch at Bummies

My daughter gravitated toward the chicken tender basket.  She found herself with a basket full of fries (which were really good) and several chicken tenders.  There was no way she was going to eat all of that food--and even after sharing a tender with the rest of us, she had to take some of her lunch home in a to-go box.

Breaded chicken tenders and french fries

My husband decided that it couldn't be a pub outing with fish and chips in some form--so he ordered the fishtail sandwich and fries.  Again--the portions were large and some of his french fries had to be packed up for home too! 

Fishtail Sandwich with French Fries

I was in the "everything sounds good" mindset--and bounced back and forth between sandwich options before settling on the Cheese Steak Burger with onion rings. My husband and I had decided to share our sandwiches--so I was able to try half of his fish in exchange for half of my burger.  While his fish was really good--I did not really want to give up my burger!    This was a great burger--it was cooked through and still juicy--and the cheese steak toppings were a hit with both of us.   Oh--and, those onion rings were HUGE.  I had a couple that were literally the size of doughnuts!  

Would we recommend Bummies Pub & Grub in Newark, Ohio?
When we travel and visit new restaurants--we always ask ourselves if we would eat there again if in the area.  Most cities have boatloads of restaurant options--and Newark is no exception to that!  Every now and then; however, there is a place that strikes a chord with us and offers a reason or reasons to return--and Bummies Pub & Grub was one of those places.  The burger was amazing--and I could honestly see us coming back again and again just to eat our way through the burger menu alone.  Also--we just felt "at home".  There was never a moment when drinks were low or we found ourselves waiting or wondering about anything at all.  We had a great server--as well as a "support team".  Everyone working was willing to fill a glass or check in on us.  If you enjoy pub food and great burgers--with a hometown atmosphere that keeps locals (and out-of-towners) coming back--Bummies should definitely  be on your must-visit list.    

Ready to Visit Bummies Pub & Grub in Newark, Ohio?
Bummies Pub & Grub
155 N. Cedar St. Newark, OH 43055

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