Learning & Fun: Premium Joy Foam Building Blocks Review

I love finding new toys for kids that encourage creative, imaginative play--and building blocks are always a fun find! My girls have spent hours playing with an assortment of traditional building-blocks, cardboard bricks, and foam blocks over the years! I recently had the opportunity to review a set of foam building blocks from Premium Joy. What did I think of Premium Joy Foam Building Blocks?

68 Piece Foam Block Set Offers a Variety of Shapes and Bold Colors for Little Hands. We loved the bright colors of this set--and the chunky size is perfect for little hands to stack and use for building activities. The pieces are all smooth and well cut--with nice, level edges making them great for easy, tower building and level stacking! The number of block pieces allows well for preschool-sized building structures. I can also see the little ones (and mom or dad) building themselves a full castle style creation with a few sets!

The Premium Joy Foam Blocks are Preschooler-Safe and Easy to Hold & Clean. These blocks are thick and sturdy. The set is recommended for ages 3+. The shapes lend well for building--and are thick and solid enough that I don't see them posing a choking hazard to supervised, older toddlers. While stack-able and sufficient for construction play--the soft foam shapes are less likely to cause injury during a toddler-sized temper tantrum! There are no cleaning and care instructions with the storage set, the website says that the blocks are waterproof .  I have been cleaning them regularly after playing by handwashing with mild soap and water and allowing them to air dry. I do not see any color fading or flaking/distortion of the foam shapes after multiple uses (and washes).

These Blocks are Great for Homeschool/STEM Activities Too! With so many of our families learning from home, we all need to take advantage of items around the house to supplement our kids' online educational activities! While these blocks may be fun for little ones--they are proving great for STEM engineering challenges and projects for the older kids too! My teen daughters have been able to plan several activities for tutoring and mentoring younger students--from building bridges to creating gravity-defying structures from the foam blocks with shaving cream! These blocks are durable, easy to clean, and well-designed to allow for a variety of creative play and educational fun that will grow with the child!

Would I Recommend the Premium Joy Foam Building Blocks? These blocks are brightly colored and well-made and have a variety of shapes and sizes for toddler play. Little hands will be able to manipulate the blocks easily--and older hands will like the challenges of balancing shapes and designing structures. As a mom, I love that the foam block shapes hold up well to cleaning and regular use. The set comes in a zippered bag for storage--the kids prefer tossing them into a basket or bin for easier cleanup. While they are sized well for safe preschool-aged play--there are so many ways to continue to use these blocks with older kids too! If you are looking for an affordable, well-made set of foam blocks, they prove to be a great set so far. We will likely be buying a few additional sets, as we will definitely be using these during the school year for further learning opportunities.  

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