Top Fencing Options for Texas

Texans sure do like their land, but when it comes time to fence it in, it can be a hassle choosing the best materials and design. Here are some of the fencing options with pros and cons. Be sure to consider the overall aesthetic as well as durability and cost.


This material has been increasing in popularity. It's easy to care for and resilient. It also has the added feature that it doesn't conduct electricity. This make fiberglass a great choice for ranches and transformer fencing Texas. It's one of the more affordable materials, so if you've got a lot of acres to fence in, it's easier on the budget.

Fiberglass is also incredibly long-lasting. It will not chip, crack, or fade like other materials. It does lack the warmth of wood or stone, so if you want something very traditional, those are better options. However, for sheer ease of maintenance, it's hard to beat fiberglass.


Traditional, beloved, and timeless, wood fences have been around since time began. It's a relatively cheap fencing material and has the advantage of being able to be stained or painted to match any style or look. Teak, cedar, and redwood are popular choices for fences because they are more durable than other woods.

Wood is a high-maintenance option. It will need refinishing fairly frequently, depending upon the weather where you live. It will eventually warp, crack, and rot and need a complete replacement. Taken care of properly, it may last you 20 years or so.


Possibly the most popular fencing material, vinyl is beautiful, strong, and easy to clean. It is also one of the more expensive options. Tall privacy fences cost the most, and if you want to add decorative lattices or caps, be prepared to pay even more. For your money, though, you do get a long-lasting attractive fence that typically adds value to your property. You can expect to enjoy your vinyl fence for at least 30 years.


Metal fencing can take many forms, from the utilitarian chain link to more classy and elegant aluminum or wrought iron. Metal is a good choice if you don't need privacy and want a more open look to your yard. Wrought iron in particular can add a good deal of traditional style to a home while still allowing beautiful gardens to be seen. Metal is also affordable and widely available.

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