What to Expect on the Komodo Cruise

When you book a holiday for the first time, you hope that you have made the right choice. If you will be enjoying the Komodo island cruise for the first time, then, do not worry. It will be an enjoyable trip.

Here are some tips on what you can expect to find when you eventually take the cruise.


Unique boats

For many cruise holidays, you are in five-floor cruise ship with thousands of other holiday goers. For many, this is the best cruise trip that they can take.

However, the Komodo cruise provides you with a more intimate cruise holiday. The Komodo cruise is held in a unique boat known as the Ayana Lako’dia. It is a beautiful boat. Designed according to traditional fishing boats used by the people in this island and beyond.

The boat carries a maximum of 18 people and thus will provide an intimate holiday cruise for you and your loved ones. You can even lease it out as a party of eighteen.

The other boat available for the Komodo cruise is known as the Ayana Lako Sae which means “come and let's have fun”. This is a three-deck modern cruise boat. It comfortably accommodates up to 150 passengers. You can have fun in the different decks of the boat. You can party on the top deck or you can lounge on the middle deck which is well furnished with comfortable seats. You can also decide to dive into the ocean from the lower deck or just bask in the sun during the day and star gaze into the vast, black sky at night.

For single day cruises, you have at your disposal numerous boats. There is one with a glass bottom that allows cruisers to see marine life from the safety of the boat.


Five-star hotels and service

For the Komodo cruise. You can also expect to stay at a five-star hotel which also owns the boats that you will be cruising in.

If you do not stay at the hotel, you can expect similar exemplary service as you cruise in the boat manned by highly qualified five-star hotel employees.

You can expect good food in the boat and high-quality accommodation and service standards that are a reflection of the five-star hotel that owns the boat.

With five-star hotel service, you will want to take this cruise every year.


Pleasant weather

Another critical aspect of a cruise holiday that you can expect for your Komodo cruise is pleasant weather.

Without good weather, it is difficult for you to enjoy a cruise holiday. The oceans will be rough and you may end up remaining at shore.

The Indian Ocean around the Komodo islands is quite calm and will therefore provide the best environment for a few days cruise.


Clean Ocean Waters

For many, the oceans are one of the dirtiest places in the world. Filled with plastic and all types of environmental pollution.

However, this cannot be further from the truth. As a major income earner to the locals, government and businesses and also as a major source of food, you will be surprised to find that the Indian Ocean in this part of the world is extremely clean.

For this reason, you will have the opportunity to snorkel into the ocean and encounter some rare fish species that are evidence of the cleanliness of the ocean in that part. Also, you will have clear views of the depths of the ocean from the surface and when you dive in, you will experience an even better and cleaner Indian Ocean.



The Komodo cruise is a beautiful holiday. It is a unique experience and at the end of it you will be glad you took a chance for a different kind of holiday. You can expect to have fun and make new friends who like you are expecting all the above for a beautiful Komodo cruise.

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