You Need to Calm Down: Here’s One Way You Can Keep Dandruff at Bay

Dandruff isn't something to be embarrassed about. Many people have to deal with those itchy flakes at some point in their lives. People of all ages have to learn how to deal with it. Even babies aren't immune to it - baby dandruff is called cradle cap. So why stress about something so common?



There's also the fact that the more stressed you are, the more likely it is for dandruff symptoms to surface. In addition to washing your hair regularly and using the right hair products, you need to just unwind.


There are various ways for you to relax your mind and body and prevent dandruff from taking over

 your life. These tips will be hitting two birds with one stone. 


Invest in Your Favorite Bathroom Products

Everyone's used to taking a quick shower to wake up in the morning and another one to freshen up at night. Five minutes in the shower might not be enough to rinse out all traces of shampoo and conditioner from your hair, though. This is a common cause of dandruff so you have to be meticulous with rinsing.


Another reason to take your time in the bathroom - even if it's just once a week - is for you to relax. Stress messes with hormones which, in turn, contribute to skin conditions that range from dandruff to eczema. Establish a relaxing bathroom routine that's equally rejuvenating for the mind and body.


Buy those bath bombs you've been eyeing! Experiment with different scents of soap! Stock up on your favorite natural shampoo for dandruff! Pair it with hair serum that makes your hair smell great all day! The self-care possibilities are endless so feel free to pamper yourself once in a while.


Make Some Subtle Lifestyle Changes

Although hair care products help get rid of dandruff, you can't ignore the fact that it occurs because of something going on within your body. So for dandruff to totally disappear, you need to make some lifestyle changes that make you feel more relaxed. Explore these options:


  • Healthy Diet

You can eat well without sticking to salad greens and steamed chicken. Just cut down on junk, drink more water, and make sure you're getting all the nutrients that you need.

  • Yoga Sessions

At this point, who hasn't thought of doing yoga to de-stress? Try some simple yoga poses in your living room to improve your breathing, empty your mind, and feel refreshed.

  • Meditation

If those yoga poses aren't for you, you can opt for meditation instead. Mindfulness sessions help you calm down and forget about the irrelevant things. Easy stress relief, right?


Apply these changes to your lifestyle and observe how they make you feel more at ease. They're subtle changes, but they address the health and lifestyle issues that unnecessarily increase your stress levels.


Visit Your Doctor if Symptoms Get Worse

Dandruff can easily be treated with over-the-counter hair products and some lifestyle adjustments. But if your scalp remains itchy or if the flakes don't stop shedding for an extended period, it might be best to visit your doctor. They can determine whether you need to use prescription products or if you have another type of skin condition that might be affecting your scalp health.


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