How To Combine a Guest Room and Home Office

If you enjoy hosting guests in your home, having a guest room may be important to you. Your home may not be big enough to dedicate an entire room solely for guests, and sometimes you have to combine rooms to include everything you want. Here are three tips for creating a combined guest room and office.

Use Minimal Furniture

Rooms fill up quickly when you use a lot of furniture. To avoid crowding your guest room/office space, limit furniture to pieces that are necessary. You may opt to use Charming Bench daybeds that don’t take up a lot of room and you can choose a small desk to work at. Unless you plan on having long-term guests, you probably don’t need to use a dresser but a small nightstand could be a nice touch.

Choose Inviting Colors

You don’t want a dark, gloomy office but you also don’t want a bright, distracting guest room. Choose a color scheme that complements both uses for the room. Using a neutral paint color with a coordinating comforter on the bed is a great way to make the room look inviting with appearing overly cheerful so you get distracted while you work

Minimize Personal Items

Many people like to decorate their offices with personal items, but if you’re also using the space for a guest room, you should avoid using these types of decorations. Opt for a neat, clean desk with minimal decorations so you don’t get distracted while working and your guests don’t feel like they are intruding on your personal space.

If you don’t have a large home, sometimes you have to combine rooms to maximize space. Using these three tips can help you create a functional office that also functions as a cozy, inviting guest room when friends or family members come to visit.


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