What to Do After A Tire Blowout Accident

Have you or someone you know been involved in a car tire blowout accident? It can be frightening and even a dangerous incident. A tire blowout can happen to anyone and at any time. Even the experienced drivers do encounter car blowouts.


However, if you experience a car blowout, ensure you don't panic since this can lead to an intended accident. Remain calm, keep your hands on the steering wheel, and don't let go. Gently slow down and pull over only when the car has decelerated. Ensure you are on your lane as you slow down. Don't make the mistake of jerking the wheel before the car has gradually slowed down.

Causes of A Car Blowout

A car blowout can be caused by several reasons ranging from driver’s negligence to other non-driver related causes. Here are some things that can cause a car blowout

Old Tires

Just like how everything else deteriorates over time, tires are no exception.  Tires do go through wear and tear when used for a long period of time. It is recommended to replace your car tires after 6 years, even when you are not using them or are not fit to use. Your tires may seem to be in good condition, but it may not be safe to use it.


Poorly maintained roads cause tires to wear out very fast. Potholes on poorly maintained roads can have debris, causing a puncture to your car tires, resulting in a tire blowout. You may drive carefully as a responsible driver on the road but end up encountering a tire blowout. Despite how frustrating it can be, you have to ensure your safety and that of your passengers first and deal with the problem after.

Old tires can be triggered by heat, overloading, and careless driving, leading to a tire blowout.

Underinflated Tires

Underinflated tires are one of the most common causes of tire blowouts.  Ensure you put correct pressure on the tires. If the tires' pressure is not right, friction may cause them to overheat, eventually leading to a tire blowout.

In case you are not familiar with how much pressure is needed for your tires, consider reading the owner's manual or consult someone who can assist you.

Tire Leak

If there is a hole in your tire, this can lead to a leak leading to a tire blowout. It is recommended to check for leaks often.

Dangers of A Tire Blowout

A tire blowout can be incredibly dangerous for both drivers, passengers, and other road users. Some of these dangers include

  • Losing control of the vehicle causing it to rollover
  • Hitting other road users such as pedestrians or other vehicles.
  • Being hit by can other drivers
  • For commercial trucks like petrol and other flammable substances can result in an unfathomable disaster.

How to Prevent A Car Blowout

Car blowouts can be prevented if you act at the right time. Here are some ways to avoid it.

  • Inspect your car tires regularly for any leaks or flaws
  • Ensure you change the tires in time
  • Avoid overloading and carry the right weight as per the manufacturer's recommendations
  • Drive carefully and avoid over speeding
  • Put in the right amount of pressure in your tires
  • Never assume any tire flaws as this can cost you

What to Do After Being Involved in A Blowout Accident

After a blowout accident, different parties may be affected. This will require you to consult a car accident lawyer to help you go through the compensation process.

A car blowout tire can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle. This can cause a tragic and unfathomable accident leading to injuries or deaths. Ensuring your tires are in good condition and there are no flaws can greatly contribute to reduced car blowouts and accidents? Remember, you are responsible for every life on the road. Taking the necessary legal measures is also crucial to avoid further problems.

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