Guide To Packing And Shipping Gifts To Loved Ones This Festive Season

After an exceptionally challenging year following the global pandemic and economic crisis that brought the world to its knees, we have finally made it to the festive season. While there's no doubt that this Christmas will be substantially different from any other, we could all agree that festivities are what everyone needs to lighten the atmosphere after a challenging year. 

When it comes to shipping gifts to your beloved friends and family that aren't nearby, Pittsburgh Couriers or similar reliable courier services near you are ready and waiting to get your gifts shipped safely to their destinations. Although, to ensure there are no setbacks, delays, or frustrating bumps along the way, we have compiled this step by step guide to help you package and ship your gifts.

Check Deadlines And Book Ahead

Previously, getting your gifts shipped in time for Christmas day was much less stressful, although as a result of the covid19 outbreak, it is best to assume that there could be an influx of gifts being shipped in 2020. This is because more and more families are likely to send gifts to extended family and distant friends instead of risking close contact, which we are advised against by the World Health Organization. Therefore, it is best to contact your chosen courier service to determine any shipping deadlines and book parcel deliveries in advance.

Packaging Fragile Gifts

Even though you should opt for reliable quality services to deliver your parcels, you will still need to wrap your gifts yourself. If you will be shipping fragile gifts, it is best to use bubble wrap before wrapping the item with your chosen shiny Christmas gift wrap. Following the gift wrap, you should then pack the item into a suitably sized box. The cardboard box should be just big enough for the thing inside. Depending on the gift's fragility, you could also stuff any empty spaces with extra bubble wrap to ensure the gift is secure.

Measure And Weigh The Parcel

Most courier services will request parcel details such as the box's weight, height, and width. It will take you a few minutes to measure your parcel before contacting the courier service to provide these specifics. It is best to measure and weigh your parcel to receive an accurate quote from the courier service.

Label Your Parcel Correctly

The label on your parcel is vital to ensure it can reach its destination. Instead of leaving this detail to the courier service, it will help your peace of mind fill out the delivery label yourself, ensuring each detail is correct. Just a few details that will be required include the recipients' name, accurate address details, and the ZIP code. You can also add information for a return address.

Once you have packed and booked a courier service, it is best to contact the recipient to inform them of the delivery. Even if you would prefer sending the parcel off as a surprise, this may affect whether the recipient is available to receive the package, which could automatically mean the box returns to the sender.

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