5 Eco-Friendly Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

Planning the perfect Valentine's Day date is stressful. Like most popular holidays, Valentine's Day's commercialization causes the day to be lost in a sea of red hearts and sweetheart travel or date packages. It is easy to forget that Valentine's Day is just a day to celebrate your love and your relationship! It is also easy to forget that the holiday often serves up a bit of a hefty carbon footprint, depending on the activities and gifts you choose for your sweetheart. You could certainly get lost in the hype of the holiday--or you could take a step back and celebrate your relationship with one of these five eco-friendly date ideas for Valentine's Day. 



Make it a Valentine's Day Date with Nature. Leave the hustle and bustle of daily life that so often distracts you from connecting with your significant other for a date with nature! Head out for a hike--even if it's chilly or snow-covered in your little corner of the world, there is something magical about finding a secluded frozen waterfall or watching a cardinal in a snowy pine tree! You can make it more of an adventure with even less environmental impact and walk or bike to a nearby perk or forest trail!


Volunteer Together for Valentine's Day. Volunteering as a couple is a fun way to explore your similar interests and give back to the community. Whether you serve a meal at your local soup kitchen or volunteer to clean up the neighborhood park, the activity will give you an experience to share with your boyfriend or girlfriend. 



Plan a Valentine's Day Dinner/Movie Date Night at Home. Cooking together is a great activity for couples, whether it is your first Valentine's Day together or your 50thYou can choose to keep it simple with something easy like a flatbread pizza or a shrimp & vegetable pasta--or get creative and make a new all-vegan menu for your meal. Follow dinner with a streamed movie and drinks for a full date night! 


Book a Cabin in the Woods. Did you know that hotels, cabins, and lodges can be "green" certified to indicate that they operate under sound, environmentally friendly practices? Look for lodging near you that has been tested or certified to be green-friendly through green-certifiers, and book a getaway cabin to reconnect with your partner and nature!


Plan for Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts. If you are exchanging gifts for Valentine's Day this year, take some time to look for some green-friendly alternatives to typical Valentine's Day gifts. We have a list of eco-friendly Valentine's Day gift ideas here if you need some suggestions! 

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