February Bucket List: 13 Family Fun Activities to Do in February

It is February!  January seemed to fly by in our little corner of the world!  While it seems that we were busy--it doesn't seem that we accomplished a lot most days!  Heading back to work and school after holiday break for a couple of weeks--then ducking out for a quick weekend vacation kind of left us all scrambling to get work and school caught up over the past week!  Last month, I shared a list of family fun activities to try during the month of January.     Today, I wanted to show you how we did on the list--and share our February list!  As I said last month, we are planning to have a family meeting at the beginning of each month and come up with a short list of fun activities based on the season or the month's special holidays.  Today, I am sharing our February Family Fun Activities--a family fun "bucket list", I guess, of the activities that made our list!  Ready to have some fun in February? Try some of these 13 Family Fun Activities for the month of February!


Download a Printable Copy of 13 Family Fun Activities to Do in February!

Although my daughters are little older--they still never outgrow some of their favorite winter fun activities! 

Here is a rundown of our plans for the month of February!  Check out some tips and ideas for each item and download a printable copy here too!

February Bucket List

13 Family Fun Activities for February

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1.  Walk the Dog Every Day.  The kids and the dog have gotten a little stir crazy over the past several weeks!  February is the perfect time to take some short daily walks with Spot--Max, in our case.  Max LOVES snow and loves to run and play in snow drifts.  If we don't have time for a long walk--we can still take him out for some snow play in  the back yard--or a quick walk to the end of the street and back!

2.  Make bird feeders or buy a window bird feeder. We didn't make a bird feeder last month--but, we did install this window bird feeder to set up in the office that my husband and I share.  This month; however, the girls want to try their hands at making one instead!   

3.  Take a Winter Hike.  Last month, we visited Old Man's Cave, Ash Cave and Cedar Falls in the Hocking Hills area--and, this month, we plan to take two winter hikes!  Not sure where we will go yet--but, we have dates chosen and hiking boots ready!

4.  Celebrate President's Day.  With COVID restrictions, I am not sure how many events will be available to celebrate Presidents Day this year.  I know that the girls have the day off from school and there are certainly ways to celebrate the holiday--and learn or re-learn something too. Maybe watch Lincoln--or read a book like Chasing Lincoln's Killer or So You Want to Be President.  Maybe you would like to memorize the Presidents' names in order?  My youngest daughter still sings this song at random when we talk about naming them!


5.   Go on a Winter Scavenger Hunt.  I used to create scavenger hunts for every single birthday party when the kids were younger!  Make a quick list of fun winter themed items to find--and make it extra fun by make it a selfie scavenger hunt so that you take a ton of pictures to help you remember the activity!


6.  Make Valentine's Day Cards.  My daughters are long-past elementary school Valentine's Day parties--but, this is still a fun activity for older kids too!  It is just fun to both give and receive Valentine's Day card--maybe even with a piece of candy attached! If you don't want to make them, download some printable cards or free printable coloring sheets to send--or buy a fun box of children's Valentine's Day cards!

7.  Go Ice Skating.  This may be a little tough this year with social distancing restrictions.  Most of the ice skating facilities in our area are open--but, you really need to plan ahead and book spots online early due to limited space. 

8.  Stargazing.  January skies offer a lot of opportunities for stargazing!  Check out the Night Sky Planner from the Night Sky Network to events to watch for in your January night sky this year. 

9.  Have a Family Movie Night. We rarely seem to have a movie night--so, this is definitely on our list of things to do this month!  Need some tips for your next family movie night?  It doesn't matter what movie you watch--just whip up some snacks, grab some cozy blankets and snuggle in for a few hours!  


If you wanted to, you could even do it outside in a 14ft trampoline! Vuly's trampolines have a tent accessory, which can turn them into outdoor cubbies. Bring the pillows and enjoy your favourite movie! If your weather allows, of course!

10.  Make Brownies.  I am not a huge brownie fan--but, my kids love them!  I see some dark chocolate banana brownies on the menu in February! 

11  Watch the Super Bowl.  This year was a little blah for our family and pro sports--so, we really aren't as invested in the event as usual.  However, tradition is tradition.  We may not be hosting a huge party--but, we can still make some of our favorite party dip recipes and watch the game as a family.

12. Make Homemade Chili.  We make a lot of soup recipes in our little corner of the world during the winter months. This month, we are probably going to focus on chili to heat things up!  You can try our Slow Cooker Chicken and Red Bean Chili or White Chicken Chili or a more traditional Chili Spaghetti recipe.  Here are some of our soup and stew recipes if you need some ideas. 

13.  Do a 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle.  This is an activity that the whole family can do--piece by piece--over the entire month!  In our house, we have 5 cats, a dog, a chinchilla who manages to hop through the family room a few times a week.  This isn't always the safest house for an in-progress jigsaw puzzle!  I bought a roll-up jigsaw puzzle mat so that we can roll it and unroll it on the coffee table through the day as we find times to work on it without cats batting away the pieces!

I will try to post some shots of our February adventures on Instagram as we head into the second month of the year!

So--How did we do on our January list?

What's on your February bucket list?

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