Tips for Self Care While Going Through a Divorce

Divorce is a complicated process, no matter the circumstances. With the stresses and strains presented over the past year with COVID-19--couples facing a separation or divorce have even more challenges to face! From financial considerations to social distancing requirements affecting divorce proceedings and scheduling to the challenges of parenting (and co-parenting) school-aged children during a trying time--it is easy to see how coping with a divorce during COVID-19 can take an emotional and physical toll on a person! With the many changes happening as you navigate divorce, it is easy to ignore your health and wellness while tending to your family's needs and a single-parent to-do list. Here are some tips for maintaining self-care while going through a divorce.



Leave the Legal Work to the Experts. You are paying your attorney to represent you and your interests. Whether you are facing a contentious custody battle in Columbus, Ohio, or an uncontested divorce Montgomery Alabama, you need to find qualified legal counsel--and let them do their job. Follow the legal advice and let them do their jobs to represent you. You may need to follow-up with them to check on your case status from time to time and ensure that they live up to their functions in settling your divorce--but you shouldn't need to micromanage the details.


Schedule Time for Self-Care. Single parenting is a tough job that can literally work you 24/7 in some aspect of the role! After work, homeschooling, parenting, domestic tasks, and the daily extras that life seems to toss on your plate--there is little time left for you. Get into the habit immediately of scheduling at least a little bit of time for self-care every day. Whether it's a hair salon appointment or a bubble bath, or a simple solo walk in the park--it is essential to take some time for yourself. Many times, you will only take that time if you schedule it along with everything else on your day's to-do list.


Reconnect with Friends and Family. If you are like many long-time married parents facing a divorce, you may quickly realize how isolated you have been from social connections. Make an initiative soon to reconnect with family and lost friends--or even to "put yourself out there" to make some new social connections with co-workers or find a single parent group or divorce support group in your area. These social connections force you out of your comfort zone and give you some downtime from single-parenting responsibility.  


Make your New Home Your Own. Change doesn't have to be bad! If you have spent most of your adult life sharing a home with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse, it is time to find your style and create your own home to enjoy. You may not be able to afford extensive home renovations--but, even rearranging furniture, changing the wall colors, or adding some wall decor will help move your space into your new life.  


No matter what you do to take care of your health and well-being, do it sooner rather than later as you move through your divorce process. Keep yourself moving forward, make time for rest, relaxation, self-care, and surround yourself with things and people who bring you joy. These things will go a long way toward maintaining all-important health and well-being as you venture through this new chapter of your life. 

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